GoFreshWater Introduces Innovative, Highly Portable New Go-Bottle Water Purifier

Aimed at travelers, campers, and others seeking safer, cleaner water, new system is just as convenient as common water bottles and as effective as the best filters, GoFreshWater reports

The single most common cause of an unpleasant overseas holiday is a waterborne illness. With a full 50% of Australians demonstrating exposure to "superbug" bacteria upon their return home, according to the Australian National University's Prof. Peter Collignon, having reliable access to safe, clean water is the best way of ensuring that a long-awaited holiday will be fun and recuperative. Thanks to the launch and immediate worldwide availability of GoFreshWater's convenient new Go-Bottle, travelers, campers, and hikers can enjoy fresh, pure water more easily than ever.

"We often take it for granted, but access to safe drinking water is still a problem all around the world," GoFreshWater representative John Smeaton noted, "Whether that means cryptosporidium lurking in a pure-looking outback spring or troublesome urban water supplies in less-developed countries, safe drinking water can be hard to come by. Our new Go-Bottle delivers up a steady supply of pure, filtered water in an incredibly convenient form."

The World Health Organization estimates that waterborne diseases are directly responsible for at least 1.8 million human deaths annually. These diseases also exact steep tolls of other sorts, ranging from financial burdens related to lost work and medical care to an almost-unimaginable sum of collective human suffering.

Residents of the most highly developed countries can often count on safe, reliable water supplies, but this is typically much less the case when they leave the sheltered enclaves of their everyday lives. A recent report on Australia's ABC News, for example, established that around half of all Australians returning from overseas holidays showed signs of recent exposure to potentially dangerous water-based bacteria and other pathogens.

With a rapidly expanding line of water filtration equipment, all of which is designed to be easy and convenient to use, GoFreshWater is one of today's top sources of assistance with problems of this kind. The company's popular Go-Straw water filter, for example provides users with up to 100 days' worth of clean, safe water, whatever the source, while being small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and incredibly affordable, as well.

With the introduction of the brand new GoFreshWater Go-Bottle Travel Water Bottle, travelers and campers can enjoy even more in the way of convenience and accessibility. Based around the same proven technology underlying the Go-Straw and the high-capacity Go-Pump, the Go-Bottle substitutes neatly for the same portable water bottles that already accompany many people through their daily lives.

As with the rest of the company's products, the Go-Bottle reliably removes dangerous pathogens from even the most suspect of water sources, while also purifying and clarifying unappealing water to make it far more palatable. The new Go-Bottle is available for shipping worldwide, along with the rest of GoFreshWater's innovative products, from the company's secure online store.

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