Gods and Artefact Hits The NFT Marketplace, Aims To Draw Users Close To History and Archeology

The Roman Collection is scheduled to launch on 5th December, 2021.

Artefact team is pleased to announce its launch. For so long time immemorial, the human race has always fascinated and questioned historical events, mythological creatures, and past events. There are so many myths across cultures, races, religions, and tribes. More so, these myths have been discovered with Archeology, as some are being passed down from generation to generation.

As Archeology connects the world to its origin, developers and content creators are crafting NFTs to replicate this culture and also make money in the process. One such project is Gods and Artefact. This project is designed to celebrate history and Archeology so that the planet earth can be more livable.

Gods and Artefact have three unique collections:

Roman Gods and Artefacts, African Gods and Artefacts, and Egyptian Gods and Artefacts. These collections are all mintable on OpenSea.

Features Of Gods and Artefact

Gods and Artefact is mintable

Gods and Artefact is a unique NFT that is mintable. You can mint this NFT on the OpenSea marketplace. After minting, you can proceed to sell to other users in exchange for fiat.


Gods and Artefact is a promising NFT-based project for the users. The Roman Collection is scheduled to launch on 5th December 2021, and will be available on OpenSea for purchase. Similarly, the Egyptian and African Collection will also be launched before March 2022. All collections will be available on OpenSea for you to mint, and trade.

About Gods and Artefact

Gods and Artefact is a project targeted towards NFT enthusiasts for them to experience archeology in ERC1155. The NFT has been uploaded for purchase on OpenSea, one of the leading NFT marketplaces in the world. With Gods and Artefact, you will be able to collect the NFT without getting stuck on a random NFT.

Users can get Gods and Artefact NFTs via the OpenSea marketplace using this link: https://opensea.io/GODS-and-ARTEFACTS

Social Media:

Telegram: https://t.me/+ESmI8cniEN45Y2Y8
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GodsNfts

Contact Info:
Name: Zeezcam
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Organization: Gods and Artefact
Website: https://archeology.live

Release ID: 89055195