Goat Milk Products Market Opportunities 2019-2023 Analysis, Scope, Company Landscape, Demand, Business Segment Overview and Fast Forward Research

Goat Milk Products Market Size, Share, Growth, Upcoming Trends, Comprehensive Landscape Information Classified by Product Type (concentrated, fermented, powdered, fat-rich), Packaging Type (bottles, cartons, cans, tubs), Distribution Channel (store, non-store), Region and Global Industry Forecast to 2023

The Global Goat Milk Products Market has seen a steady increase in the demand for goat milk products due to raising consumer awareness about the safety and nutritional profile of goat milk. Additionally, favorable attributes such as rich nutritional profile, low cholesterol content make them desirable among consumers. Cheese sourced from the goat is increasingly becoming popular among consumers across the globe. Significant growth in the global population has placed considerable pressure on the dairy industry to cater to the dairy needs of the burgeoning population. This tremendous pressure has, in turn, boosted the growth of the global goat milk products market. Goat milk is an alternative to cow's milk and is easy to digest.

Few research studies suggest that goat milk can be used as an alternative to cow milk for infants in whom cow milk can cause allergic reactions. Other factors fostering the growth of the global goat milk products market include a relatively low price of goat milk products and the establishment of proper marketing channels.

Goat milk products have been witnessing steady demand since the last few years, and Market Research Future (MRFR) has deemed the growth of the global goat milk products market to be healthy and attain a significant valuation over the forecast period of 2018-2023. A variety of products can be produced using goat milk which includes liquid products, fermented products such as cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, frozen products, condensed products, and powdered products.

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On the other hand, goat milk is of highly perishable nature, and quality is subject to feeding practices, cooling, transportation, pasteurization, processing method, packaging, and processing equipment. Other formidable barriers to the growth of the global goat milk products include consumer disliking towards the 'goaty' flavor of goat milk products and seasonal milk production which restricts the year-round supply of goat milk. However, various technological methods are being developed and implemented to effectively alleviate such challenges which mighty present opportunities to the global goat milk products market. Technological approaches include ultra-filtration of milk, freezing, and storage of curds, spray-drying, and production of mixed-milk cheeses.


The global goat milk products market has been segmented based on product type, packaging type, and distribution channel.

By product type, the Global Goat Milk Products Market has been segmented into concentrated products, fermented products, powdered products, fat-rich products, and others.

By packaging type, the global goat milk products market has been segmented into bottles, cartons, cans, tubs, and others.

By distribution channel, the global goat milk products market has been segmented into tore based and non-store based.

Competitive Landscape

AVH Dairy (The Netherlands), Delamere Dairy, Ltd. (UK), Emmi Group  (Switzerland), The Good Goat Milk Co. (New Zealand), Orient EuroPharma Co. Ltd. (China), Ausnutria Dairy Ingredients (The Netherlands), Hay Dairies Pte, Ltd. (Singapore), Quidditas Farms Pvt., Ltd. (India), Hogwegt Group (The Netherlands), and Saputo, Inc. (Canada) are the key players in the global goat milk products market.

Industry Updates

In December 2018, a new goat milk soap was developed by a woman in Offaly. The soap not only has cosmetic properties but also has healing properties and has demonstrated efficacy in the reduction of itching, redness, and dry, flaky skin.
In September 2018, a new beer variety was developed by Beekman 1802 and Brewery Ommegang using sugar from goat milk.

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Regional Analysis

By region, the global goat milk products market has been segmented into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and the Middle East & Africa.

APAC is the leading market for goat milk products. In APAC, consumers are aware of the health benefits associated with goat milk which spurs demand within the market. In addition, goat milk and its products play an important role in the economic viability of many developing nations of the APAC region which is also a crucial growth factor. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are the key contributors to the AOAC market.

Africa has established itself as an important growth pocket for goat milk products market over the years. Sudan is a key contributor in Africa which extensively rears goats for its milk and meat.

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