Glycolic Face Wash Brand Discusses the Benefits of Natural Jojoba Beads

Noted spa brand, À La Paix, discusses the benefits of using natural jojoba beads in its glycolic face wash. À La Paix formulates all products in its skin care range using quality, natural ingredients.

À La Paix, producer of natural skincare and spa products, has recently discussed the benefits of using beads made of natural jojoba in its glycolic face wash rather than plastic microbeads, which are commonly found in a wide variety of bath and beauty products. According to the brand, beads in cleansing products help to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and unclogging pores.

Jojoba beads are naturally derived from the jojoba shrub. The oil extracted from the plant can be processed into solid wax and then shaped into tiny beads. Jody Comet, a senior spokesperson for the brand, explained, “Since the jojoba beads are made from a naturally occurring plant oil, the beads are very smooth and aid in sloughing off dead cells while remaining gentle against the skin itself.”

Jojoba beads are often mistaken for plastic microbeads since both products look and feel very much alike. “Microbeads are most commonly made from plastics such as polyethylene. These plastics can be very damaging, potentially causing microscopic tears on the surface of the skin, leaving it at risk of bacterial infection and losing moisture,” Comet said.

As well as this potential skin damage, one bottle of facial scrub can contain up to 330,000 polyethylene plastic beads that, when washed down the drain after cleansing, find their way into streams, lakes and oceans and have harmful effects on plant and animal life.

“À La Paix wants everyone looking and feeling their best while knowing that they are using quality, natural products that are not only safe and effective on their skin, but also safe for the environment. Our jojoba beads are naturally sourced and biodegradable,” Comet added.

Amazon customers have so far been very pleased with the exfoliating effects of the jojoba beads. One commenter said, “My skin has never felt cleaner, and it is super light on the skin. Not a rough feeling while washing.”

Another reviewer added, “Great cleanser! Gentle on skin. I like the exfoliating and the clean feeling I get without dry skin. It also smells good.”

Anyone interested in À La Paix and its glycolic face cleanser should visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.




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