GloWhite Offers Brand New Teeth Whitening Organic Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Powder

GloWhite presents brand new teeth whitening GloWhite Powder, containing organic activated coconut shell charcoal powder, baking soda and peroxide for double cleaning action for exceptional results.

Teeth are so important to any look. They are the first thing people notice and they are often an indication of how well a person takes care of themselves and their health. Giving someone a brilliant white smile is the best way to make a first impression and many people subconsciously judge each other on this simple gesture. White teeth can indicate wealth, increase chances of success and even determine social standing. This is why so many people look for the best teeth whitening solutions - to boost their confidence, make a great first impression and feel good.

Now, GloWhite has a brilliant solution: GloWhite Powder, which combines organic activated coconut shell charcoal powder with the cleansing efficiency of baking soda and peroxide. The powder is really easy to use: customers simply dip their wet toothbrush into the powder and clean their teeth for 2 minutes before rinsing with fresh water. The pot might seem small but there are over 100 brushes in there, providing excellent value for money as well as a more environmentally friendly solution than disposable strips.

Getting whiter teeth is easy with GloWhite. There’s no need for expensive whitening treatments, no surgeries required, no need for false teeth. The formula is designed to be a gentle cleaner so it can be used on veneers and teeth implants too. GloWhite removes stains from teeth, eliminating bad breath and thoroughly cleaning away plaque and bacteria. It doesn’t just whiten teeth, it also helps to keep the mouth healthy and clean. Customers can even use the powder to clean their tongue!

GloWhite is made using organic coconut charcoal, which, despite being black, actually works to whiten teeth as a mild abrasive, which removes staining compounds. While some customers may be concerned about using peroxide, it is completely safe in this quantity and is significantly less harsh than conventional teeth whitening treatments. The peroxide is also beneficial for the gums, promoting a healthy gum line. A fresh mint flavor completes the formula making as pleasant and easy to use as any toothpaste.

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