Glory Be Thy Night Launches To Create Pick Up Artist Community For Men

The New US based dating advice website teaches men all over the world how to attract women with the most effective methods, without lying about their wealth or job.

The website Glory Be Thy Night (GBTN) claims studies show that 80% of men are not aware of how to get women and will happily resort to lying about their wealth in order to attract women, yet this is doomed to fail, as well as being a dangerous trap in the meantime.

GBTN go beyond pick up lines to offer comprehensive dating advice for those wanting lasting improvements. The emphasis is on teaching skills in 3 parts which are geared toward meeting the opposite sex in any type of environment, including the internet. The methods are quite simple and this archive offers basic to advanced principles, without unnecessary gimmicks.

Many men believe that their desirability is based on things like status and riches. When a man doesn't have this then they feel the need to lie about it in order to attract a companion. Many do not want to lie and would much rather meet women without doing so but just don't know how. Glory Be Thy Night aids men with the proper knowledge they need so that they can build normal, healthy and satisfying relationships that have mutual and healthy attraction.

A spokesperson for GBTN explained, "We believe in acquiring a strong opinion of one's self, that being the root of high self esteem, while staying honest and dignified. Our goal is to educate men and women to adopt a mindset that will improve them in every area of their life, not just dating. We believe that making people more knowledgeable about attracting a mate will allow them to be more productive and lead more fulfilling lives. GBTN teaches men and women conversation and humor strategies that will attract the opposite sex in a healthy way without flaunting wealth or lying.”

About Glory Be Thy Night
This community is dedicated to supplying those searching for resources needed to excel in the art of communicating with women. Whether it be for the intention of meeting the love of their life or just to have the ability to be with as many beautiful women as they see fit, users can motivate each other, learn from one another and accomplish those goals. Glory Be Thy Night is a US based online dating archive in NYC.

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