Global Launch of 'Youzign 2.0' Creates Excitement, As Premium Bonus Released by IM Consultant HanifQ

Global Launch of 'Youzign 2.0' Creates Excitement Amongst IM Review Professionals, As Premium Bonus Package Released by IM Consultant HanifQ, Social Media Programmatic Spending Set to Increase in Record Numbers.

The global launch of Youzign 2.0, explained at, creates excitement amongst IM review professionals by promising to be an all-in-one design suite that allows complete newbies to create 30 different type of ad formats with easy to customize templates.

HanifQ, an expert internet marketer, has provided a full review and comprehensive bonus package for the Youzign 2 app, availabe on this webpage:

Hanif regards himself as a legitimate Youzign 2.0 review critic, because of his extensive experience with creating marketing graphics as well as running display Ads. According to Hanif, one of the most important uses of Youzign is to create social media graphics for paid traffic campaigns, which can help internet marketers dramatically scale their businesses.

Budgets are determined at the start of the year. A business and/or advertiser list out how much will be spent on the advertising and where it will be spent. In 2016, most budgets are starting to show one thing and that is programmatic advertising and what it can do for them.

This type of advertising has shot off and is just exceptional right now. It is being able to provide growth that has not been witnessed before. There is a surprising amount of pace to how they are advertising and where it is being directed.

A recent study has shown how over 30% of all advertisers in America are now starting to look at programmatic advertising as a staple of their approach. This means they are now spending over 50% of their entire budget of the year on this type of advertising.

They are even looking at spending up to 66% in some cases because they love how it works and the results are faster. They love fast results and thus all other advertising platforms just don't do it for them. Social media especially has made this remarkably powerful.

Advertisers used to work on a "click" basis to see results. This meant, if they put up an ad, they would wait until the ad was clicked and then checked how the lead went through their funnel. This worked and it still does, but they are also paying a lot of focus towards view through conversions.

It relies on a person not clicking the ad, but just taking a look at it. These conversions are great because sometimes it is better to see how many people are viewing the ad and then responding rather than just looking at the click rates.

Programmatic advertising is going to be a big part of 2016 and it is going to start becoming the heart of most budgets. Advertisers want to spend money on what gives the best returns and right now with how many people are online, programmatic advertising gives the best returns.

So, it starts to make a lot of sense for these advertisers to lean on programmatic advertising to help themselves out. This advertising approach can be replicated with ease too and that makes it even more enthralling for advertisers.

Hanif Quentino recommends that Youzign owners use the graphic design app to creating high converting ad images to use in their programmatic social media campaigns.

Mr Quentino's comprehensive Youzign 2.0 review and bonus package can be accessed on his official site:

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