Global Launch of The Low Hanging System Creates Excitement, as Exclusive Bonus Released by HQuentino

Global Launch of The Low Hanging System Creates Excitement Among IM Review Professionals, as Exclusive Bonus Package Released by IM Expert HQuentino. Snapchat Study Shows Mobile Viewers Not Only Watch, But Also Listen To Videos.

The global launch of The Low Hanging System Review creates excitement among IM review professionals by promising to help eCommerce marketers grow their customer base without spending anything on advertising.

IM Consultant HanifQ has prepared a comprehensive guide and bonus offer for the Low Hanging System which can be accessed on his review site:

Due to HanifQ's vast experience with eCommerce marketing and other internet marketing disciplines, he is considered a credible Low Hanging System review critic. Mr. Quentino suggests that The Low Hanging System members create audio-optimized marketing videos.

For many years, Facebook has convinced brands and publishers that mobile videos perform best when they’re like silent movies since users watch them on mute most of the time. Snapchat, meanwhile, tries to shatter this myth. The company says that two-thirds of all videos published on its mobile app are watched with the audio on. Snapchat attempts to back up this claim by partnering up with Moat, a digital ad analytics company. The two work together to measure how many ad impressions served by Snapchat were viewed with the sound on.

This may prove to be excellent news for brands like Unilever that has been trying to convince publishers to sell them ads that can be both seen and heard by real life humans. On the flip side, Facebook might see itself in the midst of a losing battle. The same holds true for other publishers who condition brands to think that mobile video viewers are averse to audio. The sales teams over at Facebook have always pushed advertisers to create ads for Facebook and Instagram that can be watched and understood even without any sound. This effort has been so immense that it even rolled out a means of automatically captioning their video ads. Some publishers such as Mic notice that nearly 9 out of 10 people who watch their Facebook videos do so with the audio off.

But if Snapchat is able to prove their claim, and if the publishers see for themselves that mobile viewers are willing to watch and hear ads, then Facebook might be in trouble. By default, videos on Facebook and Instagram are on mute. Snapchat’s data, however, shows that not all mobile viewers are anti-audio. Things could eventually turn the other way around, with big brands convincing Facebook to turn the audio on and be more like Snapchat.

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