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Recently Launched EverLesson Creates Buzz In Web Marketing Review Circles, As Premium Bonus Package Released by eMarketingChamps. Facebook Undercounts Instant Articles Traffic In Latest Measurement Error

The current release of EverLesson is making waves among emarketing review professionals due to its claim of providing its users with the ability to create 'high-end' membership sites in about 30 minutes

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Due to HanifQ's vast experience with niche-based marketing and other internet marketing disciplines, he is considered a credible EverLesson review critic. Mr. Quentino suggests that Ever Lesson members pay attention to the latest Facebook's latest measurement error.

Facebook did it again. For the second time this January and the fourth time since September, the social media behemoth announced a measurement error. In an update to one of their blog posts, Facebook disclosed that they had been undercounting traffic coming from iPhones for some publishers that utilize their Instant Articles format. It was ComScore, a measurement firm, that found the error. It affected the amount of traffic publishers received between September 20 and November 30. Facebook announced that together with ComScore, it has already fixed the issue. The specified time period now shows the corrected traffic data. Facebook explained the cause of the error to be spawned from an update that affected publishers using the legacy comScore integration as well as site running on the HTTPS protocol.

The Wall Street Journal reported that only 1 percent of the traffic was affected for majority of publishers exposed to the issue. For some publishers, however, as much as 10 to 20 percent of their traffic got influenced. According to a comScore spokesperson, Facebook should confirm the said figures as they have yet to produce updated estimates of traffic. A Facebook spokesperson refused to respond to follow-up questions pertaining to the figures reported by The Wall Street Journal, but confirmed that there was indeed a measurement error.

This isn’t the first error reported by Facebook involving their Instant Articles format. Back in November, the company reported that they had been calculating the average amount of time users spend reading an Instant Article incorrectly. This error led to the metric being inflated by as much as 8 percent. The series of inaccuracies has caused some marketers to stop trusting the measurement reports from Facebook. Others say that this latest error highlights the need for Facebook to let third party measurement firms to take over the measurement of performance of ads and content.

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