Global Launch Of Copy Paste Commissions Creates Excitement, as Exclusive Bonus Released by HQuentino

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Global Launch of Copy Paste Commissions Creates Excitement Among IM Review Professionals, as Exclusive Bonus Package Released by IM Expert HQuentino. A New Monetization Feature Is Being Tested For Facebook Live Videos

The global launch of Copy Paste Commissions Review creates excitement among IM review professionals by promising to help marketers build and create affiliate marketing campaigns with 'copy-paste' simplicity.

IM Consultant HanifQ has prepared a comprehensive guide and bonus offer for the Copy Paste Commissions program which can be accessed on his review site:

Due to HanifQ's vast experience with affiliate marketing and other internet marketing disciplines, he is considered a credible CopyPaste Commissions review critic. Mr. Quentino suggests that Copy Paste Commissions members take advantage of a new monetizations feature launched by Facebook.

Facebook recently released a new feature that allows users to share a live video with their friends and followers. Facebook is now taking things forward by introducing ads in Facebook Live videos. The ads are not available to all users yet and the social network is still in the testing phase for this project. So far, only a few publishers have had access to this new monetization feature. Mark Zuckerberg reported that pre-roll ads were not a positive experience for users who watch Facebook Live videos. This is why ads will be displayed mid-roll. This is somewhat like a commercial break in the middle of a live broadcast. This feature would allow publishers to take a break from their live stream and to go back to it when the ad is done playing.

Facebook is still testing this feature with a few publishers to determine if the project is viable and if it would actually bring in revenues. Facebook is not sharing revenues with publishers yet but some publishers have been paid to test the feature. It is likely that Facebook will start sharing revenues from these ads once the feature has been fully implemented. Publishers can choose what kind of ads are displayed during their live broadcast. The ads should only last for fifteen seconds or less and will be shown five minutes into a live video. Publishers have the possibility to opt out of this feature to offer an ad-free experience to their viewers. This feature was added with the importance of social media and live video streams during tragic events. The purpose of the testing process is to gather enough metrics to determine if these mid-roll ads would be profitable and to gather feedback from the publishers. There is still no information on when this feature would be available to all publishers and it is likely that Facebook will make a few changes and improvements before deciding to release this feature to everyone.

The entire Copy Paste Commissions bonus and review published by Hanif Quentino can be see on this website:

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