Global Launch Of Click MSG Software Creates Excitement, As Exclusive Bonus Released By HQuentino

Recently launched ClickMSG creates buzz In web marketing review circles, as premium bonus package released by eMarketingChamps. Story Explorer disappears from Snapchat's Live Stories.

The current release of Click MSG is making waves among emarketing review professionals due to its claim of providing its users with an easy way to send graphical messages to Facebook users. The commencement of ClickMSG happens as a new report reveals the end of the Story Explorer feature in Snapchat's live stories.

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Due to HanifQ's vast experience with Facebook marketing and other internet marketing disciplines, he is considered a credible ClickMSG review critic. Mr. Quentino suggests that Click MSG users pay attention to Snapchat's latest Live Stories update.

When Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, announced the addition of Story Explorer to Snapchat’s Live Stories feature in November 2015, it created a lot of excitement among users of the popular image messaging app. It was introduced as a way for users to explore events from many different perspectives. Unfortunately the feature never really performed as expected, resulting in its removal from the service a year later. Users began noticing that the feature has disappeared from Live Stories, and a Snapchat spokesperson has confirmed that the removal is permanent. It may be as much a result of poor user experience as Snapchats increased editorial efforts for Live Stories. Story Explorer was intended to be a way to provide more depth to Live Stories, which essentially “snaps” together snippets of publicly posted comments and images during live events. Story Explorer was said to allow people to jump to different perspectives during key moments in the event, to develop a fuller experience that would be only second to being there.

Only weeks after Story Explorer’s introduction, a deal was struck to allow its use in the NFL’s Live Stories. Fans, already put in the stands behind the comfort of their devices, could experience a game winning touchdown from the perspective of someone on the line of scrimmage, or from someone behind the end zone. It allowed fans to place themselves virtually anywhere in the stadium where someone publicly posted comments or images of a moment to Snapchat. Fans were thrilled. But it didn’t quite perform to expectations. Fans would swipe down from a winning touchdown only to be brought to moments having nothing to do with it. Other times, the feature would return to the same snap repeatedly in Live Story, frustrating fans. The feature never really improved. Over the past year, Snapchat has increasingly looked to its editorial team to draw more users by adding more depth to the snaps. A great idea in concept, Story Explorer ultimately failed to be the technological advantage that Snapchat had hoped it would become.

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