Global Blockchain: A New Wave of Investments in Blockchain Technology

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Global Blockchain is a vertically integrated holding company for blockchain and crypto assets. The company is managed by a team of industry pioneers, who have been in the blockchain ecosystem for over a decade and are early adopters of all significant cryptocurrencies.

Global Blockchain is a unique platform and business model that provides investors access to a vast array of holdings within the emerging blockchain ecosystem.

Global Blockchain’s ethos is to streamline the process that interested participants need to undergo to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency space with intending to becoming the backbone originator and manager of top-tier blockchain technology and virtual currencies.

The Global Blockchain team will carefully choose and incubate up to 12 tokens per year, after long and arduous research the team at Global Blockchain will be providing critical early funding and retain a major equity stake in the tokens of their choosing.

In-House Incubator

Global Blockchain will give the fourth dimension to its investors, using its in-house innovation incubator, this will provide the maximum amount of resources and the potential to unlock many new Blockchain technologies, propelling their growth. These resources include initial capital, technical development personnel, and legal support. Once the MVP has been created, it can be brought forward to market using a token generation event.

Global Blockchain is offering much more than an opportunity to invest. The company is offering the chance to capitalize on the growth and future of blockchain technology, between holdings in existing technologies, and holding in the tech that does not yet exist.

Global Blockchain is geared to maximize possibility, in a sector where a new potential is being discovered on a regular basis.

The Acquisition of Coinsteam Mining Corp

On March 1st, 2018 Global Blockchain announced that it had closed the acquisition of Coinstream Mining Corp. This facility totals an incredible 50 MW of capacity, with 35 MW of capacity available immediately. BLOC’s subsidiary, Global Blockchain Technologies Corp, will supply cryptocurrency mining units by a 70/30 split in favor of BLOC.

The company has issued 32.5 million shares to the Vendors of Coinstream to satisfy the terms of Agreement. No finder’s fees have been paid on this transaction.

The Coinstream acquisition aligns with their goal of having a diverse basket of blockchain companies/investments assets for the investors in their fund pool.

The Global Blockchain Team

The Global Blockchain team is comprised of industry set heavyweights, including founders and early adoptees of blockchain projects. As the team has a wide array of insights and experience going as far back as the beginning of blockchain, they can look at projects with an extensive library of knowledge, enabling them to vet prospective holdings for business sense and technical viability.

Thus allowing investors to benefit from early investment in projects that are qualified as having a steady projected growth trajectory, without the effort or uncertainty of having to do the arduous task of research themselves.

CEO Rik Willard is a pioneer in branded digital engagement concepts. Rik has worked with DOOH and large-public screen projects, branded content, CMS, mobile and social media. Rik has always utilized his time spent with each client and production. Including MGM Resorts, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Lucent Technologies, Dictaphone. Rik has also worked alongside the World-Famous Apollo Theater, Couture designers (including Chado Ralph Rucci, Oscar de LaRenta and Kevan Hall), The French Ready-to-Wear Association (Pret-a-Porter).

Global Blockchain is also a comprehensive advisory team, comprised of no other than David Drake, Michael Terpin, Jim Rogers, Gary Rubinoff, Manie Eagar and David Wachsman. Together they boast a more than an impressive arsenal of experience in a wide variety of expertise.

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