Glamour Smiles Announces to Offer Effective Teeth Whitening Procedures

Glamour Smiles offers effective In-Office and At-Home teeth whitening procedures to make their clients choose their convenient procedures to get safe and quick results.

Good news for people looking to enhance their smile, Dr. Brent Engelberg of Glamour Smiles, an experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Arlington Heights, strives to help people have bright and white teeth. He offers two options in teeth whitening namely In-office Professional teeth whitening and At-Home teeth whitening.

After testing all the existing professional teeth whitening techniques, Dr. Engelberg has chosen these effective teeth whitening procedures to ensure safe and long lasting results. Explaining the procedures, Dr. Engelberg said, “For In-office Professional teeth whitening procedures, we will perform a thorough dental cleaning then cover your gums and lips to ensure that teeth alone are exposed. We will apply a dental grade hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel and special laser. Next, your teeth are cleaned using the bleaching gel and fluoride is applied to reduce sensitivity. All these processes will be over in less than two hours. As a part of this treatment, you will take home teeth whitening trays. You can use this to monitor any fades in the whitening after treatment”.

Professional In-office teeth whitening procedures are ADA approved and produces the greatest whitening result in a short period of time. The trade-off is that it tends to cause more sensitivity issues and is more expensive. While talking about In-office teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Engelberg also commented on At-Home teeth whitening procedures, “The first one is Nice White, a mouth tray consisting of carbamine peroxide gel. You’ve to wear it for two weeks to achieve noticeable improvement in whiteness. The second one is Opalescence, another mouth tray with a variety of strengths, allowing me to choose the formula exactly suitable to your teeth based on the level of teeth discoloration and sensitivity. The formula contains fluoride, which can be effective for strengthening your tooth enamel and ensuring cavity protection”.

Along with these two professional teeth whitening options, Glamour smiles also offer porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental bonding and complete smile makeover to give its patient’s a wonderful smile on their face.

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