Glacier Vehicles Now Offers Newly Refurbished Used Fridge And Freezer Vans Online

Glacier Vehicles is known as the place to go for new fridge and freezer vans, but now offers refurbished and approved used vehicles to help companies make better use of their budgets.

Fridge and freezer vans are an essential part of the British courier circuit, transporting sensitive goods to and from supermarkets, specialist stores and even hospitals and other medical establishments. These vans are highly specialised, offering accurate climate control, but can be expensive to buy new. For companies looking to augment their refrigerated fleet or those looking to create one for the first time, Glacier Vehicles are the go-to company for these vehicles not just in the UK but throughout Europe. Their website now features a new range of used and refurbished fridge and freezer vans (all fitted with new refrigeration conversions) to help companies get out on the road for even less.

The latest additions to their used range include small, medium and large vehicles that have both refrigeration ( and freezing ( capabilities, from major and highly reliable brands like Ford, Citroen and Mercedes. The vans are thoroughly cleaned and undergo rigorous maintenance to ensure they are in pristine condition.

The vans are all available at incredibly appealing prices, and each listing is replete with high quality imagery, detailed product descriptions and vital statistics, including the make and model, year and mileage so individuals have everything they need to make an informed decision.

A spokesperson for Glacier Vehicles explained, “We understand that putting together a fleet of refrigerated or freezer vehicles can be a major investment, and many of the used vans we receive have perfectly working refrigeration and simply need vehicular maintenance to get back out on the road. We refurbish these vehicles before selling them at a reduced cost compared to our new and bespoke vehicles, so everyone can find what they’re looking for, whether small, medium or large.”

About Glacier Vehicles:
Through many years of experience within the refrigeration industry, the Glacier Vehicles team have unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to supply customers with bespoke fridge and freezer vans that meet their individual needs. Glacier Vehicles have established relationships with all major commercial vehicle manufacturers, insulation engineers and refrigeration companies. By leveraging these partnerships, Glacier Vehicles are not only industry leaders for quality and dependability, but are also are able to secure substantial discounts and pass these saving on to their customers.

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