Glacier Vehicles Move To .Com Domain as International Refrigerated Van Sales Increase

No longer a national company, Glacier Vehicles of the UK now sells their industry leading refrigeration vans worldwide, and has moved to a worldwide domain name to reflect their new status.

Refrigerated vans are essential for carrying sensitive cargo, and are used by couriers, companies and retailers alike to transport anything from fresh vegetables to organs and blood samples. The huge variety of applications for refrigerated vehicles means understandably many users need their vans customized. Glacier Vehicles is a UK company that specializes in bespoke vehicles, refrigeration conversion, new and used fridge and freezer vans in the UK. They have established such an excellent reputation throughout the UK that their sales have now gone international, prompting them to register a .com domain.

The new website is tailored to an international audience, with a clear breakdown of the services offered, high quality visuals of the refrigerated vans from Glacier Vehicles and details of the kind of customization that can be achieved. With a range of new and used vehicles from major manufacturers like Mercedes, Ford and Volkswagen, they can refrigerate just about any commercial transport vehicle.

The company is based in Surrey and is near international transport links, so can arrange for their vans to be exported internationally with ease. This is part of the reason why they have proved so successful abroad, selling to Europe, the US and more.

A spokesperson for Glacier Vehicles explained, “Our global presence is growing because we offer the most complete bespoke solutions to refrigerated vehicles in the world, so solutions like ours simply can’t be found anywhere else. The fact we provide such comprehensive customization for little more than the price of a standard model means that import charges are more than worth it to secure the perfect van for the job. As such, we’ve moved our web presence to an international domain so that our international customers present and prospective needn’t feel put off by our physical location.”

About Glacier Vehicles:
Through many years of experience within the refrigeration industry, the Glacier Vehicles team have unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to supply customers with bespoke fridge/freezer vans that match their individual needs. Glacier Vehicles have established relationships with all major commercial vehicle manufacturers, insulation engineers and refrigeration companies. By leveraging these partnerships Glacier Vehicles are not only industry leaders for quality and dependability, but are also are able to secure substantial discounts and pass these saving on to their customers.

Contact Info:
Name: Rob Ward
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Organization: Glacier Vehicles
Phone: 020 8668 7579

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