GKIC Superconference 2015 Invites Michael Taggart Of Adventure Marketing To Speak For The Second Time

Adventure Marketing, a Boise, Idaho marketing firm, has announced that Michael Taggart will be speaking for the GKIC Super Conference 2015. Throughout the conference, he will be addressing Press Advantage; speaking once during the conference date and once during the bonus day.

Press Advantage, the subject to be touched upon by Michael Taggart, is a press release distribution website. With Press Advantage, consumers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can enjoy integrated SEO with more than two hundred PageRank passed public relation domains that rank on their own, no matter the level of keyword in use. Users also gain access to a professional team of U.S. based writers, and with different subscription packages to choose from, set and forget scheduling is possible.

Michael Taggart, also known by the name of Michael X, has been in the SEO industry for more than thirteen years, building his first site when he was only twenty-two years of age. He began in 1999, and has been recognized for his contribution to many prestigious online marketing careers as a coach, and through coaching programs. Michael is the CEO of Adventure Marketing LLC, and works alongside a staff of dedicated employees through this Boise, Idaho-based firm. Michael is also CEO of Rock Steady, Inc. and is trained in local and international businesses, and this has helped hone his online marketing strategies throughout his career.

Adventure Marketing began in 2010 as a simple idea which has blossomed into a multi-million dollar company with an advanced global client base. This has made Michael into one of the most renowned marketers in the world, especially in terms of local search marketing and mobile SEO. His interests include Bitcoin and crypto assets, giving him a reputation for technologically advanced knowledge, and the title of "the coolest marketer in America."

Throughout the GKIC Super Conference, Michael will explore the subject of Press Advantage, along with other important facets of his marketing expertise. His past experience with on stage conferences and marketing events gives him an edge over competitors, and has made him one of the best in his industry. His take on training is known to be highly unique, as is his approach to consumers in general.

With his added contribution and intriguing subject matter, those who will be in attendance at the GKIC Super Conference 2015 have shown interest and excitement over the prospect of learning more about Press Advantage and the other information Michael X will be sharing. Along with the many other contributors to the conference, it seems that guests will be receiving much of the knowledge necessary to be successful in e-commerce and online marketing. More information regarding Michael, the conference and Press Advantage can be viewed online.

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Company Name: Adventure Marketing
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E-mail Address: support@adventuremarketing.com
Mailing Address: 5430 Misty Ridge Way, Boise, ID 83713

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