Gizmogo Go Green With New Ocean Cleanup Initiative

Gizmogo is an eCommerce company that buys used electronics for cash. They have just launched an ocean cleanup initiative to help protect the environment and keep the planet safe.

The eCommerce company Gizmogo has recently announced a new ocean cleanup initiative that should help make a real difference to the planet's health. The team behind Gizmogo hopes the new initiative will assist them in making the world a safer place, and it should also encourage other brands to jump on the bandwagon.

Research suggests that an average of 14 billion pounds of rubbish, most of it plastic, is dumped in the world's oceans every year. That is having a terrible effect on the planet according to experts, and Gizmogo now aims to do its part in correcting the problem. Not only is the brand committed to recycling tech and smartphones, but they’ve now set their sights on saving the planet.

Gizmogo offers customers a service that enables them to turn their old technology into cold, hard cash. The team makes offers for old tech and then recycles and refurbishes it for the used market. The idea is to limit the amount of raw materials manufacturers have to pull out of the ground to produce new products. By recycling, Gizmogo helps to protect the environment while making sure customers get the best prices possible.

The online platform created by Gizmogo is straightforward and simple to use. Thousands of customers have already received offers and sent their old tech in the post. Thousands more have purchased refurbished items from the company for excellent prices. While there are other brands on the market offering a similar service today, none of them claim such high customer satisfaction rates. Anyone who wants to know more only has to look at some of the Gizmogo website reviews.

The new ocean cleanup initiative should help to encourage other companies in the industry to follow suit and put at least some of their profits towards protecting the environment. At the end of the day, modern technology harms the planet in many different ways. So, it is vital companies of this nature take some responsibility and attempt to counteract the issue.

Gizmogo plans to head out on an ocean cleanup at least once each month, and that could make a massive impact on the cleanliness of the oceans and the habitats in which some of the world’s most cherished sea creatures reside.

More information is available from Gizmogo’s press contact Roxanna Faithful. To reach the company by phone, call 800-893-9598 or email at Anyone looking to find out more can do so via the company website Gizmogo’s postal address is 13771 Norton Ave, Chino, CA 91710.

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