Bridges the Gap Between Patients and Doctors plans to connect patients with the gastroenterologists in their area smoothly and easily.

It is hard for patients to find a doctor they are completely comfortable with, especially if they are looking for a good specialist in the field of gastroenterology. is a website that strives to make this job quick and easy. It offers potential patients information on different gastroenterologists in various areas of Georgia.

With the ever-evolving use of the internet, people are starting to self-diagnose themselves much more often. This leads to patients directly looking for physicians in their area to consult. In the past, a doctor's visit and a referral was much more common.

However, with the new changes in the consulting process, there are few ways to find an exceptionally accurate database of physicians (especially specialists for unpopular medicines like gastroenterology). looks to fill this void. Their plans are to start in the state of Georgia, and then expand to other states along the East Coast, and eventually become the staple database for gastroenterologists across the country.

As of now, owners say that gastroenterologists in the metro Atlanta areas can email them to secure listings on the website. All in all, is meant to bring patients and doctors closer together.

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