GIMO Anticipates Growth & Innovation in 2021

Being in the online entertainment industry, which has continued to grow and evolve even in the year that has been characterised by uncertainty, GIMO welcomes 2021 with cautious optimism. GIMO is committed to innovation with several key developments in the works for the new year.

GIMO welcomes the new year with cautious optimism

After a year that has been characterised by uncertainty, the online entertainment industry is one of the few that has nevertheless continued to grow and evolve. With 2021 fast approaching, GIMO’s ongoing commitment to innovation and putting our clients first is as strong as ever, with several key developments in the works for the new year.

Among the technologies that are expected to progress in leaps and bounds in 2021 are Python, AWS, Google Cloud, React Native, React JS and Machine Learning through Sagemaker, all of which are essential tools that assist GIMO in delivering its well-respected products and services.

As well as anticipating exciting developments across these technological fields, 2021 will see new products reach GIMO’s international markets. These products include an innovative Customer Management Engine that can be linked to any website, which advances our clients’ existing customer services for a more streamlined and efficient system, and a new CMS for smoother operation, faster turnaround and enhanced SEO.

On top of this, GIMO are utilising advances in Machine Learning for financial anomaly detections, automating our marketing campaigns, improving our retention capabilities and further helping to improve the safety and security of our clients’ websites, plus there is a new range of free, fully responsive marketing games for our customers to take advantage of.

CEO at GIMO, Kenny Ibgui is optimistic about the year ahead: “While the past year hasn’t been without its challenges, we’re excited to welcome 2021 and confident that GIMO will continue to deliver the fantastic service we are known for. We predict that the coming year will be one of ongoing innovation and expansion, and we will be focusing especially on growing clients in our German, Dutch and Danish markets.”

Some industries are predisposed to weather the recent economic storm, and GIMO has positioned itself in a relatively secure place to see 2021 be a success, both for the company itself and its clients.

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