GIFbuddy – New Set & Forget Cloud ’Gif’ Marketing System Provides Massive Engagement Plus Organic Traffic For Marketers

GIF is undoubtedly among the most engaging means in the digital marketing world today. Thanks to the ability to draw in the attention again and again, it can helps online business make profit easier. Catching that fact, Ali G and his team have designed GIFbuddy.

Animated GIF existed in the mid of 90s, however, with the slow connection and the first version of browsers, it cannot be displayed in any browser. Fast forward to today, GIF is finally made its comeback since GIF now without the slow connection problem can be loaded in a blink of an eye.

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Many studies from experts showed that animated GIF can catch people’s attention and remain their retention by presenting one memorable moment, repeated over and over thereby captivate the reader with its hypnotic power. That attention and retention come the results for an increased in engagement. Add this to the rise of social media where everything is about engagement; GIF is by far the best method to engages with viewers. Basically, GIF humanizes online persona by displaying its unique personality which is a crucial factor when connecting with audiences on social media network or visitor to one individual’s blog.

GIFbuddy Software is the set and forget animated GIF marketing solution made by Ali G & Marcus Lim & Shane Brooks. GIFbuddy works by automating the hottest GIFs based-off “keyword” from a largest GIF database in the world – GIPHY via a cloud-based SaaS system.

According to the researches made by major companies such as American Apparel and Dell, with the GIF presented in their marketing campaign, they have gained the results of 6% open rate, 42 % increased click rate, 103% increased conversion rate and 109% increased revenue.

Ali G – the GIFbuddy’s product creator stated in the launch of the software: “Those increase in conversion stats can now be in hand of people for all their Online Marketing endeavors going forward. GIFbuddy is the one solution where people can search up the hottest & most engaging GIFs. Thereby, the brands, company, and entrepreneurial spirit has a personality that everyone will gravitate to. It also can schedule out the engagement for the next few days, weeks or even months.”

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Animated GIFs present on pop culture blogs and online art galleries, even film coverage as well as fashion week recaps, their invasion of web culture is nearly complete. That is what make it compelling to use. By availing the ability to preserve the most random moments forever, people can increase the conversion rates and revenue of blog or ad campaign.

Simply install GIFbuddy software once, and people can have it for FaceBook profiles, FanPages, Group and Liked Fanpages on FaceBook. It also works for Twitter Accounts and WordPress Blogs. With one install, the software can schedule out all the process for days, weeks and months based on the option of its user.

One of the core function of GIFbuddy is the power to search for hottest GIF on the database of GIPHY without the need for any guesswork of the users. Moreover, people can drop their hyperlinks to Products or services into these attractive posts. Affiliate links can also be included for people do not have their personal offers. Even eCommerce items are able to be added inside GIFbuddy. The possibilities are endless for people.

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