Gibson Shaving Co. Launches An All New Premium Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor

A line of new butterfly safety razors join the market as the perfect option for an old fashioned shaving experience.

Gibson Shaving Co. launches its newly designed Premium Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor With 10 Replacement Blades this week. Made to give its users a perfect shaving experience, it is customized and inspired to become every gentleman’s safety razor of choice. Brett Gibson, Founder of Gibson Shaving Co., commented, "We created this butterfly double edge safety razor after receiving requests from customers looking for an old fashioned shaving product that works well and is easy to travel with. We're excited this razor has launched and that it is now available to the public."

The Gibson Premium Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor is made of stainless steel and features a chrome-plated zinc head, with a a balanced heavy non-slip grip brass long handle. The safety razor not only shaves the users face with precision but aggressively shaves with its perfect weighted handle. It is rust-free and includes 10 long lasting blades which can easily be replaced at a very low price. “It is built to last. Designed with the perfect mechanism for a great shaving experience, it comes with long, sturdy handle harmonized in perfect weight and balance”, noted Gibson. He added that it is intentionally made to address the common failures of safety razors available on the current market. With little pressure and proper angle, the user is able to get little to no cuts and nicks which most people suffer from when using other low quality razors.

In addition, the Gibson Shaving Co. Butterfly Safety Razor comes in a leather case. "We wanted a product that not only works well, but has great presentation. The razor is stored in a leather case and has a box of replacement safety razor blades for easy organization and for traveling." Since the butterfly safety razor launched, it has been receiving positive feedback and 5 star ratings on One Amazon customer reviewed, "“I can say with complete honestly and without any doubt that this may very well be the best razor that I have personally used. Because this statement means nothing without a point of reference, I have included a list of the various razors that I have personally tested. The shave was amazingly close and equally as important, if not more important, that closeness was reproducible each and every time. I change that razor (I use feather because they are the best) every 3 shaves like clockwork. You can be surprisingly aggressive with your shave and with little risk (i.e. cuts). In this way you get the best of both worlds. Before trying this razor, I experienced one of two phenomenons with DE safety razors: 1)Your razor is very conservative and you sacrifice closeness of shave for ability to carelessly shave in a hurry. 2)Your razor is very aggressive and thus if you are not careful, you will look like you were in a horror movie. The sacrifice here being that there is no such thing as a quick shave. My Edwin Jagger has been dethroned by the new guy in town."

Gibson stressed his desire to provide quality, durable and cost-efficient products for customers. "We're a small business working hard to create the best products possible. We want our customers to have access to products that are not only quality and affordable, but that comes with excellent customer service." The Gibson Shaving Co.'s Premium Butterfly Safety Razor Kit comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

The Gibson Shaving Co. Premium Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor With 10 Replacement Blades is available on

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