Gibble LLC Launches Comparison Website To Assist Weight Loss Candidates With Research

The Gibble LLC Comparison Website compares Leptiburn and RealDose with honest non-partial reviews and advice.

The latest statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate US consumers alone spend over $174 million dollars a year on weight loss programs. This large number doesn't shock Keith Baxter, spokesperson for Gibble LLC (, a website devoted to examining two of the top weight loss supplements in the country today.

Says Baxter, "Consumers can have too many options from which to choose. The site I built was meant to help those, who like me, have faced the battle of the bulge and want to know the truth behind the products being promoted so highly. What I found, however, was a number of companies delivering supplements that aren’t as truthful as I would like. Some are blatantly lying, making people believe that they can lose huge amounts of weight doing absolutely nothing."

The two products chosen by Baxter for scrutiny were Leptiburn and RealDose. Explains Baxter, "There are a number of products, including BioTrust’s Leptiburn and RealDose Nutrition’s Weight Loss Formula No. 1 that seem a lot more honest, in as such that they will only support personal efforts. Added to this was the fact that they do not hide behind the cloak screen of proprietary blends, but rather tell you exactly what is in their product and how these ingredients work and I was impressed."

Baxter makes it clear in his Leptiburn review as well as on his main web page that weight loss is neither easy, nor do these products guarantee the user will shed the pounds. "Both products are designed to support your weight loss efforts. Neither, however, are able to deliver that without considerable effort on the consumer's part. The big decision, however, is about which one will be best for you. It is for this reason that I have reviewed both products independently. I can’t tell you specificially which one is better, as it depends on your personal needs and what you do and don’t like. But, I can tell you how well they worked for me, because I purchased and tried both of them."

Additionally, Baxter urges dieters to consider their goals before spending money on weight loss supplements. "I always urge people to think about how much weight they want to lose and to consider if they can afford to purchase the supplements for the entire period of time it will take to lose the weight. It is recommended consumers use the product for the entire duration of their diet, until you have achieved your weight loss goals. Both products do offer discounts if you purchase them in bulk, which demonstrates that most people will need to take the product for at least three months."

About Gibble LLC:
Gibble LLC offers a compare and contrast website for consumers to discern which weight loss supplement is best for consumption. With an emphasis on honesty and objectivity, the site offers real world advice and easy to understand reviews for those seeking more information before purchasing.

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