Giay Si HCM Now Offering New Branded Sneaker Designs

Giay Si HCM is now offering different designs and branded sneakers along with socks and other products. offering new designs and brands of sneakers to the businesses in Vietnam. This organization gained reputation after offering the best shoes with excellent designs and build quality. The firm knows about the importance of shoes and offer best shoes as great deals to their customers. This led to the company’s great rise in present time in the shoe wholesale business sector. offer shoes of numerous different brands that will attract any customer easily. The company earned its reputation after offering its customers the latest and best designs from multiple brands and become a well-known wholesale shoe seller in Vietnam. The company plans on being such an outstanding wholesaler of sneakers and look forward to increase their operation so that their name can reach every corner of this nation and more.

The CEO of this organization stated, “We understand people want the best designs for their shoes and thus, us offering them the best ones have helped us reach this far. Apart from numerous designs, we provide shoes of several brands that give our customers a wide range of selection that can’t be offered by our competitors.”

Moreover, the firm is also known for its nationwide quick delivery service. It is another reason for it to be popular in Vietnam apart from its shoes with outstanding designs and quality build. Their delivery system is guaranteed to satisfy all its customers, which is another reason for this firm’s rise in this business industry.

Apart from shoes, the company also supplies amazing printed socks of different colors and designs that would match any footwear an individual wears. From simple white socks to different patterns and designs on them makes wearing them more interesting and make a person feel comfortable and look good too.

Also, the organization is planning big and if everything is set right they are eyeing to go global in this business very soon. This objective they want to complete after ensuring their position in Vietnam as the best in this industry. However, this is will take a long time and the firm is more focused on carrying out their everyday duty that helped them reach so far since the initial period.

The VP of this organization said, “Yes, we are planning a lot of things which includes making our business popular worldwide. However, it is something which we all have to wait for to happen as it will take us some time to reach at that level.”

People of Vietnam now know where to get the best sneakers that offers ideal designs and quality product. As far as the company is concerned, they are doing well now and will continue to prosper if they carry on their work like this.

About the company: is a company that offers numerous designer sneakers of excellent quality at wholesale prices. Currently, they are considered the best in this business sector.

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Organization: Giay Si HCM
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Organization: Giay Si HCM
Address: 29 Street 17, Ward Linh Chieu, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Phone: 0969883369

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