Giacomo Bruno: Ebooks overcome paper books thanks to readers.

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In Italy, ebook sales worth 67.000.000€. In the next future, book publishing will become more and more social. People will read more and more online, while paper books will continue to record sales declines.

This forecast is confirmed to Askanews by Giacomo Bruno, founder and President of Bruno Editore. Bruno is defined as "the father of ebooks" to have brought the ebook to Italy in 2002.

"This is the moment of ebooks. This moment is finally arrived after so many years. Ebook has made 6.3% of growth in Italy but, first of all, a turnover of 67.000.000€ which is nothing compared to what happens in the world. We are talking about$ of ebooks sales, against the$ of paper books sales in bookshops. It’s definitely a certified overtaking.

However, the most important news of these days is that the ebook has reached readers who read in a digital way. “Fiction books are not the only kind of book on the market: there are also the educational ones. For this reason - they also represent good marketing tools. “Today the book is the new business card for a large variety of people: entrepreneurs, professional workers but also employees who would like to emerge but who don’t know how to do that. Writing a book allow them to finally become “someone” in their own market, giving them the possibility to promote their products and services by sharing their expertise. A little bit as the classic business card.

There are entrepreneur, among our authors in Bruno Editore, who have achieved incredible results using their book as a tool to promote themselves. We are talking about people who have earned from 10.000€ to 5.000.000€, becoming some of the most famous and the highest paid authors in Italy. "The strategy to become a "Bestseller" is clear and definite”.

“To become a Book Influencer – Bruno underlines - you must have both a huge number of followers but also an high level of authority. This authority is something that we built in 20 years of career. Having the numbers means mainly having a huge number of followers on social networks. We have 1.200.000 followers between Facebook and Instagram but also 150.000 people subscribed to the Bruno Editore newsletter. This means that when a new book comes out, a huge amount of people rushes to download it and the book becomes Bestseller in just a few hours.

According to Giacomo Bruno, any book can become a Bestseller. "We can achieve this result with any kind of book because, as I said, everything depends from the “numbers” you have and from your authority. We did that for 'The Clean Plate', the recipe book by Gwyneth Paltrow, which became Bestseller in its category on Amazon Italy. We also did that for a novel book by Matteo Viviani, presenter of the famous italian tv show “Le Iene”, which climbed 90.000 positions in just a few hours, achieving Amazon's TOP10 ranking”.

According to Giacomo Bruno, the future of publishing is digital. "The future of book publishing is social, which means made by people who search online the books they would like to buy. Nowadays, before buying a book, readers ask for an advice on Facebook groups, they do a Google search, they find information about the author, they want to know who the book author is, especially in the world of training books. Book readers want to know from whom they learn this information. So if the authors and the publishers are not updated with these changes, if they don’t have updated social profiles and if they don’t know how to dominate the digital world, they will soon be out of this business”.

To write a book the winning strategy is to give trust to someone who has a lot of experience. “I always suggest to start from ourselves because we must be able to share our story which is made of successes but also of failures. It’s mainly from those failures that we get the best teachings that we can share with people, by helping them to overcome their problems. Thanks to this strategy, Bruno Editore has already helped 1.800.000 people over the years”.

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