GHETTO E Cigarettes Post V2 Cigs Coupon Offer, Chance To Save Up To 40% Off Cyber Monday

E-Cigarette Brand Reviews Site 'GHETTO E-Cigs' Announce 24 hr V2 E Cigarette Discount Giving Shoppers One Last Chance For Maximum V2 Cig Deals, up to 40% off on starter kits, 35% off sitewide.

V2 Cigs, one of the leaders in electronic cigarette innovation and supply with over one million loyal customers, is now offering 25% off their entire online store. Known as the top brand of e-cigs in both ratings and sales in the United States, V2 has products available that would interest both new and long term users of electronic cigarettes.

To add to the sale from V2 Cigs, Ghetto E-CIGS Reviews ( is featuring a set of v2cigs coupon codes that allow an additional 10 to 15% off items in the online store. These deals combine for a total savings of 35% to 40%, making now the perfect time to buy and invest in electronic cigarettes, especially as this sale is the last chance for customers to purchase premium supplies for such a low price. V2 Starter Kits can now be purchased for 40% off list price, while all other V2 Cigs items are 35% off.

The top savings event for V2 Brand ecigs began on November 29th (Black Friday) and runs through midnight Monday, December 2 (Cyber Monday) - ending at midnight EST. Customers can visit to gain access to the deal that is the best offered by V2 Cigarettes this year. The additional 10 to 15% in savings easily creates an opportunity that can’t be missed, and Ghettophysics founder Thomas Shandy emphasizes on that with his statement:

“This is a great opportunity to try out ‘Vaping’ with the best electronic cigarette company out there. The experience you get from purchasing and using a V2 Electronic Cigarette product is unparalleled to any other e-cig manufacturer. We at Ghettophysics are proud to offer this fantastic deal, especially because it can help smokers transition from an old lifestyle to one that fits better in the society of today and the smokeless environment they must deal with. We are ecstatic to be able to give those who previously couldn’t consider electronic cigarettes the chance to get a starter package at a price that fits their budget. This is truly a deal you don’t want to miss.” stated Mr. Shandy.

A top brand in America, V2 Cigs, has an extensive worldwide reach as well. The company recently launched both and, cementing their position as one of the top electronic cigarette brands. The thousands of customers around the world are quickly learning that V2 stands high above their competitors for many reasons, one of the most important being high quality products. Available in a range of flavors and styles, all V2 products must pass strict safety and quality control standards. These reasons all turn individuals from customers to a loyal family member of the V2 brand, and it’s evident that these numbers are growing because more and more customers are insisting their electronic cigarette products have the V2 name.

Thomas Shandy, founder of GHETTO E-Cigs, has worked for years creating a website that is now considered the premier source for both top information and reviews on the best electronic cigarette brands on the market, as well as offering savings opportunities and giveaways whenever possible for those ecigarette brands. He’s also very excited about this sale, particularly with the timing:

“Having such an excellent sale at this time of year shows how dedicated V2 is to their consumers. While everyone tries to work with their budgets during the holiday season, V2 is lessening the load by allowing anyone interested in purchasing an electronic cigarette starter pack as a gift for a relative or friend who may be trying to quit smoking to be able to do so at an incredible price. The sale is open to everyone, and we encourage anyone to look into our wide array of products while we’re offering this sale.”

To participate in the limited time only sale, interested users can visit and receive immediate discounts. Proud that their deal is over the whole store (including refill cartridges, starter kits, and batteries), V2 Cigs is hopeful that this is a sale that can benefit everyone. This is the last chance to save on electronic cigarettes in 2013, and V2 is confident that their sales are the best available.

Customers can visit now to view and use the V2 Cigarette coupon.

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