GetupNews Launches To Provide A Unique Lens On Global Events

GetupNews has created a whole new kind of news website, collating the biggest stories from around the world every day, to provide insightful briefings for busy people.

GetupNews has today launched its unique global news platform to provide ready access to the latest stories from around the world, in a concise, easy to digest format. The site has been created to offer a different approach to the news, designed around the early-morning briefings received by those at the top levels of industry and politics.

The website aims to cut through chatter and speculation, getting to the root of each story and making clear its implications on the world moving forward. It offers top-line summaries, deep insights and a spectrum of opinion in a concise, easy to understand format.

This new approach has been inspired by the kind of morning briefings industry titans and political leaders receive to prepare them for each day. Time is at a premium for more people than ever, but people still wish to stay informed, free from the bias of social media bubbles. GetupNews allows people to understand the world they get up into, before they go out into it.

The website features political news, tech news, world news, entertainment and lifestyle news all in one place, with easy and intuitive filtering to ensure people can access the topics that matter to them most.

A spokesperson for GetupNews explained, “We are thrilled to be launching our new news site, which itself provides a new perspective on the news. The website is in its infancy, but already has a comprehensive suite of information on the very latest events. The website is moving forward with a dynamic team of experts in every one of our main news categories, editing contributions from writers with grassroots knowledge of their topic areas. We distil, condense and sharpen the information out there to provide independent, insightful briefings. This is something we believe will be invaluable to people at every level of society moving forward.”

About GetupNews: GetupNews allows people to understand the latest world events over their breakfast. The site features constant updates on tech, business, politics, lifestyle and entertainment to ensure its readers are as informed as possible, with an acute analysis designed to be easily absorbed and understood by everyone. The site features unique insights, editorials and a global perspective.

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