GetAbsAfter40: Abs After 40 Review Reveals Mark Mcilyar’s Three Weight Loss Tricks For Aging Men to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Abs After 40 breaks the cycle between a man’s unbalanced hormones & excess belly fat!s

Abs After 40 is an abdominal-focused training program recently created by Mark Mcilyar which consists of compound exercises. These exercises train every muscle in a man’s body and are immensely functional to boot. They recruit two or more muscle groups in a movement. Commonly, there is one primary muscle group performing more than half of the work with secondary muscle groups helping. Most simple movements that have people push, pull and squat against the forces of gravity are compound exercises.

People may also notice that all pushing involves the chest, shoulders and triceps, all pulling involves the back and biceps, and squats and deadlifts involve large portions of a man’s body. If in case men have some previous weightlifting experience, compound exercises also allow them to safely use heavy weights.

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Moreover, by recruiting a greater number of muscles in each movement, people are able to come through a far higher degree of stress on the body and train more muscles at once which marks down their time they need to be in the gym. In addition to that, as long as men train each body part and do not neglect groups, compound exercises are better at keeping the muscles balanced. The exercises recommended inside this program increase hormonal release. When exercising, growth hormones are released to stimulate recovery and growth. By recruiting a higher numbers of muscle groups, more growth hormone is released which equates to greater muscle growth and strength.

Furthermore, Abs After 40 is split into three phases, each phase helps people burn more calories in the movement and accordingly burn more body fat in all quarters.

The first phase “Fat Loss Jumpstart” tries to break the cycle between a man’s unbalanced hormones and overflow belly fat. When a man’s hormones are unbalanced, their body stores plentiful amounts of stubborn fat below the belt.

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The second phase “Male Hormone Optimization” contains workouts which are structured to target huge amounts of muscle together, helping to further balance a man’s hormones. By using the right combination of exercises, men stand a better chance of developing the type of body they want to come through.

The third phase “Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode” contains abs workouts specifically known as A40s. They combine four effective abs exercises which help burn a considerably higher number of calories during the workout. This is due to the fact that men are working more muscle fibers during the movements and therefore require more energy to be consumed in the process, which results not only in a greater number of calories burned but an overall metabolic boost as well.

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Additionally, the program is available at a price of $97.

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