Get Rid Of BMW Reliability Problems Once and For All

A common issue many BMW owners face is their vehicle overheating. While there are a number of factors in your vehicle that can contribute to this issue, including a coolant leak or a faulty water pump.

A common issue many BMW owners face is their vehicle overheating. While there are a number of factors in your vehicle that can contribute to this issue, including a coolant leak or a faulty water pump, a certified automotive technician will be able to help you pinpoint the problem.

Throughout the years, BMW has always maintained a high level of performance, style, and comfort with their vehicles. At SCR Performance, we love these high-end luxury cars for all of their incredible qualities, however we understand that they come with their fair share of complications as well. In this article, we’ll discuss the four most common problems and repairs on BMWs so you know when it’s time to call a mechanic.

Oil Leaks
If you notice a small puddle of oil under your car, or you smell burning oil when you drive, there’s a good chance your BMW has an oil leak. This can be caused by several things, including a leaky valve cover gasket or a failing fuel pump.

Steering Wheel Vibrations Under Braking
A common issue found in the BMW 3 series, if you start to notice your steering wheel shake or vibrate while braking, there many be something wrong with one of your thrush arm bushings. These rubber units are a critical component of your suspension system and they have been known to fail around 75,000 miles.

Tail Lamp Assembly
If your BMW has a faulty tail lamp, it may trigger a “Check Rear Lamp/Brake Lamp” message on your dashboard. When there’s a bad bulb connection at the tail lamp circuit board, it is usually caused by corrosion which triggers the malfunction indicator.

As a BMW owner, I am assuming you’re in love with your car just like us! So it’s important to you who works on your car and where you take it for service. Keep in mind that most independent BMW shops are actual BMW enthusiasts and appreciate the older models and have a deep passion for the brand. You’ll most likely end up with better service for your BMW by finding a trustworthy mechanic than going to the dealer. You’ll probably also find someone who loves your car as much as you and isn’t that who you want working on your BMW? For this reason, you must ensure your car gets the best service possible. While you might be tempted to drive your car straight to the dealer repair shop, it may not be the best decision for your budget. However, you shouldn’t part with your hard-earned cash because of their lush interior décor and furniture. It’s not worth it. Before you pay for the servicing of your car at the dealership, know the facts, do the math and avoid being ripped off for a simple oil change.

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