Get Real Essentials – Preparing Everyone For Emergencies

Get Real Essentials, located in Durango, CO, slashes prices and releases new products.

Get Real Essentials knows that emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, and focuses on providing the highest quality emergency products to consumers so that everyone is prepared for anything. Now Get Real Essentials is reducing prices on current inventory, releasing new lines of products, and unveiling a new customer friendly interface to make being prepared more affordable and easier to do.

Price cuts are available on many different items, including pickup trust tents, to make products more affordable for budget-conscious consumers who need to be prepared for an emergency. A tent for a pickup truck, SUV, or van is a great item to have. These tents can be used in emergency situations when the car, truck, or van is stuck and getting home isn’t an option. Tents will provide reliable and comfortable shelter in this kind of emergency, and are more affordable than ever now that prices have been lowered.

Prices have been reduced on a variety of other inventory as well, including survival kits, first aid kits, camping accessories, and products that will help customers build long term food supplies. All of these newly reduced price items will help people be safe in emergency situations.

In addition to current inventory and the high quality products that are already for sale, Get Real Essentials is releasing new product lines with items that will help everyone be prepared for emergency situations. These new product lines feature innovative new products with industry leading technology. New products can be found in a variety of categories on, including home and personal security, camping, car tents, nutrition supplements, survival kits, and first aid kits.

These new products lines, as well as old product lines, will be easier to find on with a new user friendly interface. This change is brought on as Get Real Essentials continues to strive to give customers the best possible experience, and make purchasing high quality emergency products fast, easy, and simple. The new interface will streamline the browsing and payment processes, and make it easier for customers to use and find the products needed.

Get Real Essentials is dedicated to helping families and individuals be safe and secure in a range of emergency situations. People come first, and Get Real Essentials works hard to provide a wide range of products that will ensure that everyone is well taken care of, and is safe and comfortable in any situation. The pickup truck tents, organic nutritional supplements, home and personal security tools, and long-term survival food featured on are great items for any family or individual to have in case of an emergency. Get Real Essentials strives to provide these products in the highest quality brands and models available, and at the best, most competitive prices.

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