Get Clean Use Cutting Edge Green Cleaning Tools To Create Hygienic Carpet

Get Clean is using environmentally friendly chemicals to kill the many bacteria and bugs that thrive in carpets, offering the most thorough carpet cleaning services in Cape Town.

Carpets are a wonderful part of what makes a house a home – a soft feeling underfoot that comforts people, and makes for a relaxing environment. Unfortunately, the fibres of a carpet are subject to wear and tear, and can appear drab after months of constant use. What’s more, these fibres are a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and other creatures that can affect people’s health. Get Clean is a service in Cape Town that offers a cutting edge approach to eliminating these little beasties while cleaning carpets to a good-as-new brightness and freshness, all using environmentally friendly cleaning equipment.

The company ( can ensure that carpets look, feel and smell bright, soft and fresh as they did when they were first installed, by reinvigorating them with state of the art carpet shampoo. This can breathe a new lease of life into tired looking carpets and save people thousands on replacements.

The process also involves an advanced steam cleaning phase that will target and destroy bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs and other creatures that thrive in old carpets. They do this by destroying and removing the creatures and their eggs, and by sterilising the carpet to create a hostile environment for these creatures, while remaining safe for families and pets.

A spokesperson for explained, “We pride ourselves on offering the most responsible carpet cleaning service in Cape Town. While many companies will take a purely cosmetic approach and focus on making a carpet look brighter, we want it to feel softer, smell fresher and most importantly, be more hygienic than it was when we arrived. By destroying and removing harmful bugs and bacteria we make homes and offices healthier places to live and work. Most importantly, we do this using smart materials that get the job done without being hazardous to people or the environment.”

About Get Clean: Get Clean offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning services throughout Cape Town. As an experienced and reputable carpet cleaning company, they have provided top quality carpet cleaning services for years. Their experience and dedication makes them the best available option for anyone looking for cleaner, healthier carpets.

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