Get A Grip Total Fitness Launches Lutz Bootcamp Page

Lutz Bootcamp page from Get A Grip Total Fitness allow local Bootcampers to post results catch up on friends and motivate others.

With the US facing the staggering statistic of 69% of all people ages 20 or above falling into the obese or above weight groups, it's no wonder fitness boot camps are experiencing a boom in popularity around the country. At Get a Grip Total Fitness in Lutz, FL, spokesperson Carrie Kukuda says their Lutz boot camp program does much more than any workout studio.

Says Kukuda, "There's a method to our madness. Not only do we provide nutrition guidance to jump start your metabolism and break through plateaus, but we provide initial instruction for the beginner who doesn't know quite how to get started." The key to a boot camp is accountability and camaraderie, says Kukuda. "We work hard and we get results, but our Lutz bootcamp team has fun and cares about its team and their success. That's why we set up the new Lutz Boot camp page, so local bootcampers can visit and post their results too. Seeing the results of others continue to motivate the group as a whole."

"Everyone likes a pat on the back and this page ( is an opportunity for people to post their success stories and tell what's worked for them. They can do it in video format or just post a few short sentences about what's going on with them in their lives right now."

Through various forms of exercise like yoga, kettlebells, and running coaches are able to take those out of shape individuals and help them reach their fitness goals. Kukuda elaborates, "Our mission is to help people move from where they today to living the life they deserve. You do not have to live a life full of unhappy or wait for happiness that comes when you lose weight. Instead, we have the missing links to help direct you from A To B and with lightening speed. Through the Fitness Bootcamps Tampa framework, we provide those who have previously been unable to succeed with an environment of anything is possible, accountability, motivation, and friendships you are unable to find anywhere else."

About Get A Grip Total Fitness:
Get a Grip Total Fitness mission is to motivate and empower others to maximize their full potential and believe nothing is impossible; allowing them to live the life they deserve. Implementation of the "I CAN" attitude, backed by people who care, is the goal. Making a difference is their mission because they believe in others, show them how to truly commit, and help them love the process. The core values of the Get a Grip are to positively impact others, over-deliver, give back, create a sense of community, empower, inspire and lead.

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