Release A Travel Guide Called ‘Family Friendly Amsterdam: A City Travel Guide’

A new Amsterdam travel guide aimed at families has been created by have created a new travel guide aimed specifically at families, called Family Friendly Amsterdam: A City Travel Guide. This guide aims to be a comprehensive look at the city known as the Venice of the North. It offers tips and advice for people travelling with children or even babies, so that they do not get stuck in child unfriendly tourist traps. were inspired to create this guide to help parents. The recommendations on where to go, where to eat, and which attractions to see, are aimed at parents. They are pitched at a number of different budget levels, so whether people are looking to enjoy a 'money no object' trip of a lifetime, or they want to experience Amsterdam on a smaller budget with kids, they'll find value in this city travel guide. The guide is available for Kindle on one-click ordering and through Kindle Unlimited, so you can read it on your desktop, phone, tablet or Kindle at your leisure, more details can be found here

Gessell and Lee are a family of American expats that live in Amsterdam. As a result, they are well equipped to advise American tourists about what to do in Amsterdam, and what attractions will appeal to them. They understand how difficult it can be travelling with children. Some establishments are hard to access with a buggy. Some don't have changing facilities. Some are quiet and stuffy and don't like it if a child cries. Some are boring and have long lines that even older children might get distressed about. Some are simply too expensive, or have attractions that are too mature for the average child.

After reading their guide people can learn how to avoid those pitfalls, will find that there is actually plenty to do in Amsterdam, and there are numerous child-friendly attractions that adults will enjoy as well.

Gessell and Lee maintain a personal blog that includes advice about travelling in Europe with a baby, and as their child has grown, so has their site. Now they offer reviews and tips for travelling with kids and with pets, all over Europe. They have travelled all over Europe and write about their first-hand experiences. Adventurers that want to know more about what they offer should read the Gessell and Lee travel blog, and subscribe to their free email newsletter too.

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