Gerry Kho Architects Move Into Their 8th Year In Business With Retrospective On Projects

After seven years of design, Gerry Kho Architects are responsible for transforming Perth’s visual identity, and have collated the best of their work on their website for all to see.

Architecture is a process of design that represents a fusion of engineering, art and science. This most specialized skill is responsible for creating the visual aesthetic of buildings, which taken together form the visual identity of a locality. New York, Sydney and Dubai all have iconic buildings that mark them out, but Gerry Kho Architects in Perth have eschewed stand outs like these for a signature style that makes the whole of Perth feel a little different than anywhere else. After 7 years in the industry, they have created a gallery of their work across all disciplines to show just how much the region has changed because of them.

The gallery is shown in its entirety, with columns for residential, multi-residential, commercial, mixed use, retail and interiors, community and others. Clicking any of these headings takes individuals to a portfolio specific to the kind of work potential customers are looking for, explaining the company’s background and prior achievements in the given field.

This Perth architect’s gallery also serves as an instant guide to the intuitive style and sensibilities of the firm, so that potential clients can quickly identify the clean lines, impactful designs and unusual material uses that create the signature Gerry Kho look.

A spokesperson for Gerry Kho Architects explained, “We have recently been featured in Architecture and Design magazine Scoop for a private home we created, which goes to show that the designs we are creating serve as inspirations and exemplars for others in our industry, and that Perth architecture can show the world something about sustainable design when created with innovative materials and concepts. We have put our gallery front and centre to showcase the full extent of the work we’ve done in the last seven years and to set ourselves a high bar for the coming seven.”

About Gerry Kho Architects:
Established since 1996, Gerry Kho Architects are Western Australian Architects. Their Perth Architects create stunning commercial buildings, interior designs, and luxury, contemporary homes using environmentally sustainable design. Now in their eighth year, the company are continuing their mission to create vital and innovative spaces to change the landscape of Perth using interdisciplinary techniques ranging from traditional western architecture to the Japanese principles of Wabi Sabi.

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