German StartUp founder and Cosplayer Max Wellner Launches CosplayHero

Cosplay has become more popular than ever, and it connects people from around the world. Well-known German cosplayer and startup entrepreneur Max Wellner has recently launched the website CosplayHero, which is designed to connect cosplayers with other enthusiasts, provides how-to guides, and other resources.

Cosplay, the act of dressing up as a character from popular media (films, comics, video games, etc.), has been expanding for a number of years and it’s exploded all over the internet as a result of that expansion. Typically, cosplayer groups are disconnected – they form little pods in their local areas and then meet up at conventions.

German cosplayer Max Wellner who is also known as SnowDragon on Social Media, however, saw that there was an untapped market in the world of cosplay. They were able to use websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with other cosplayers, but there was not one place where they could get all of the resources that they need to cosplay well.

Enter Wellner’s idea – a website now called CosplayHero. Developed in 2020, this website has multiple resources that are specially designed with cosplayers in mind. Not only are cosplayers able to purchase supplies that they may require, but the site also has a number of options that are specific to what cosplayers may be seeking out.

He considered everything that he believed was necessary, but also made a concerted effort to connect with others so that he could get a complete look at what may be necessary on such a site. “I know that cosplayers are unique people, and that they have specific needs,” Wellner shared when asked about his intentions for the site. “I discussed a lot of ideas and concepts with both novice and professional cosplayers, and took a lot of those when designing the site.”

After months of work on the back end of the site, CosplayHero has now been launched and is available for cosplayers to use. New cosplayers can meet other cosplayers and get advice about their journey into the world of cosplay. Veteran cosplayers can find specific supplies, share pictures of their cosplay, and ask for advice regarding some of the ideas that they have.

The website is now live, and accepting new users. While it is live, there may be some details that are missing or bugs in the immense amount of code necessary to run the site properly. Wellner asks that visitors to the website report any issues or future ideas to his email address, via the contact information that is provided on the page.

CosplayHero was started in 2020 by 22 year old German entrepreneur Max Wellner. Max himself is also a cosplayer, publicly known as SnowDragon on Instagram and TikTok. Known best for his cosplays as Link from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Jack Frost, SnowDragon has long wanted to help connect the cosplay community via the web. CosplayHero is his entrepreneurial solution. More information about Max Wellner and his cosplay art can be found on CosplayHero and its resources can be found at

Contact Info:
Name: Max Wellner
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Organization: CosplayHero
Address: Haimendorfer Str 34, Schwaig, Germany
Phone: 01517428646

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