GeoTarget Local Provides Free Website Diagnostic Tool to Growing Businesses

Company seeks to demonstrate the high cost of not having a search optimized website.

Most business owners are at least vaguely aware of the benefits to be gained when their web address lands high on the page of search engine results in response to a potential client's query typed into a search engine. What many companies fail to realize is exactly how high the loss is to their business when they fail to achieve a high search results position, and do not have a decent ranking in Google. To help raise business awareness of the importance of high rankings, Geotarget Local ( recently made available on their website not only a video demonstration of the potential loss and/or benefit to ranking well, but also, a diagnostic tool that permits visitors to immediately check the SEO score of their own websites using Geotarget Local's free website audit tool.

Geotarget's lead developer Tim Walker had these insights to offer: "The Internet has altered the manner in which companies everywhere conduct, advertise and market their businesses. Many business people who have amazing business concepts as well as great services and products to sell get along from day to day without any awareness of how much money they lose by not having a professionally built designed website that's been optimized for local seo. Money literally rushes past their business's website and entrance doors on a daily basis that would just as readily landed on their page or entered their domain if they only knew how to entice it to stop and visit for a while."

The great majority of people who search the Internet for a product or service never bother to click past the first page of results, so a first page landing spot is, of course, what every business desires. Many people wrongly assume that a company that offers search engine optimization is only for people who are using the Internet to sell products nationally or even globally, when in truth, SEO is just as relevant for a local company attempting to be seen in the search results of locals searching for local goods and services. It isn't necessary for a business owner to start learning website design and optimization in order to optimize his own website. Instead, the fastest and most productive path to increased profits is to hire a company well versed in producing results for local companies using the most up to date search engine techniques. There is no better place for the average small business to place its marketing dollars than in a well-thought out and optimized website and a good Internet marketing campaign. It's the sort of business move that no business can afford not to do.

About Geotarget Local:
Geotarget Local is a search engine optimization and marketing company that offers a number of beneficial services to businesses seeking to enhance their online earning potential.

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