Georgie Beames Announced Launch of the FREEDOM Online Program

Georgie Beames Provides Effective Support for Transformative Self-Acceptance and Weight Loss

July 3, 2015 – Melbourne – Georgie Beames, a Registered Psychologist focused on women’s mental health, today announced the online release of her FREEDOM program. Through this 4 week online program, Georgie Beames and fellow clients in a private online community support women with body image and emotional eating concerns. Georgie Beames helps women to stop the obsession with food and the all or nothing approach and begin the process for true change that starts from within.

For over 12 years, Georgie Beames, Psychologist and Developer of the FREEDOM program, has offered her expertise to women through live coaching and group facilitation. The online FREEDOM program makes it easier for clients to meet from the comfort of their homes and get support anytime they need it. Georgie Beames reveals her own personal struggle with self-acceptance and weight and understands the problem as an insider, rather than just an observer. She has been there as well and continues her journey every day.

Do not feel alone. According to a recent study, 80 percent of women are dissatisfied with their body weight. They often demonstrate poor body image and 50 percent of normal weight women overestimate their size and shape. Eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia and anorexia nervosa can be linked to poor body image. It is time to change the mind-set and begin from within. When approached solely from the outside with diet and exercise, 95 percent of women who diet regain their lost weight and add on additional pounds. Sustainable change can be made as a result of the “inside-out” approach.

“Women’s bodies are closely linked with their identity” states Georgie Beames, Psychologist and creator of the FREEDOM online program. “They continue to focus on, often expensive, external solutions and quick fixes without addressing the underlying causes of why they don’t feel good about themselves. Many women eat when they are sad, angry, frustrated and everything else in between. In other words, their eating is emotionally driven. Diets ignore the strong connection that women have between their feelings and food. But changing your external appearance won’t guarantee a lasting improvement to your self-esteem. Addressing the reasons as to why women eat and not focusing on what they eat, like dieting, is the missing link to permanent change.”

The FREEDOM online program allows clients to move towards a better understanding of the reasons behind their behaviors and to begin to change the mental record. Clients that join the FREEDOM online program begin their journey immediately with the support of like-minded women looking to make strides toward a healthier pattern of thinking about themselves and the food that they eat. Georgie Beames offers her expertise to guide women and facilitate the internal changes that lead to sustainable results. To access her story, go Visit the FREEDOM site to start the transformation today.

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