Gentle Procedures Clinic Launches Awareness Campaign for Alternative Procedure

An increasing number of people are searching for a less invasive circumcision option, publishes

Recent reports point to a national 10 percent decline in the number of newborn circumcisions being performed during birth hospitalizations. Increasingly, parents are turning to outside sources for a broader range of choices in how this procedure is carried out. In response to this development, Dr. McAuliff of Texas-based Gentle Procedures Clinic ( has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the Pollock Technique, an alternative to methods commonly used in the hospital environment.

Said Dr. McAuliff, "The Pollock Technique is the fastest and most painless circumcision procedure available, and we're the only clinic in the Dallas area currently offering this method to our patients. Though we've used this technique in more than 50,000 circumcisions at our network clinics , a number of people in our area are unaware of its existence as well as its key differences. The procedure itself takes only a minute to perform, and it's appropriate for all ages from newborn to adulthood."

According to the clinic's website,, the process for babies begins with administering infant acetaminophen either at home or at the clinic approximately an hour before the operation is scheduled to be performed. Oral pain medication is followed by topical anesthetic after which a penile dorsal ring block is injected. This measure is comprised of both short and long-term anesthetics. Studies show sweet flavors act as pain reduction agents in infants; therefore, babies are likewise given sugar pacifiers throughout the procedure.

The Pollock Technique involves use of a Mogen clamp as opposed to the Gomco Method during which a clamp is left in place for several minutes or the Plastibell Technique requiring a device be attached for up to a week. This procedure has been said to minimize damage to surrounding tissue as well as stress on the patient. Further details regarding the Pollock Technique may be requested via

Concluded Dr. McAuliff, "As a dedicated circumcision and vasectomy facility, we're committed to upholding the highest international standards of male surgical care while treating all our patients with compassion, dignity and respect. The Pollock Technique falls in line with our efforts to deliver the best surgical procedures to our patients, and our goal is to make more people aware of its benefits as compared to other options. Our team is readily available to offer more in-depth information over the phone, online and in person here at our office."

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