Gene Lucius Shares Some Important Tips To Wear A Suit Jacket

Gene Lucius gives valuable fashion tips on how to wear a suit jacket, they also give fashion tips regarding men’s shirts, leather shoes, casual blazers, etc.

Gene Lucius is a Taiwanese company that provides premium looking men shirts. A company representative addressed a blog that shares a routine tip for men. One of the tips he talks about was how to wear a suit jacket. He first starts talking about how to wear a Korean blazer. A combination of British plaid blazer dark blue with dark blue T-shirt and black trousers is a perfect look if someone wants to look mysterious. Another good combination is British plaid blazer brown with black trousers and a white shirt. This combination showcases different colors which makes it look more amazing. There is one more way to wear a Korean blazer and that is combining plush blazer camel with black trousers and a white knitted sweater. A spokesperson from the company then shares tips regarding how to wear a striped blazer. One can combine a striped blazer with dark-colored jeans. Wear a plain shirt with a pair of loafers and dark-colored jeans to get a sleek and stylish look. Another way to wear a striped suit is to wear a shirt that matches in color with the suit. Then he gave tips about wearing a pink suit jacket. He starts by saying that it is a stereotype that men should only wear black on formal occasions such as board meetings, award ceremonies, etc. Pink is not the color of women, as blue is not the color of men. One should wear a pink suit jacket as it shows liveliness and braveness. One more advantage is that the person wearing a pink suit jacket will look different from the crowd.

Gene Lucius also shares tips to wear black shirts elegantly. Not only they provide information and tips on how to wear men shirts, but they also provide tips to wear leather shoes, casual blazers, and much more. They also give tips on how to carry accessories such as a 14-inch laptop bag.

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Gene Lucius is a Taiwanese company that provides shirts for men. This company is founded by Jason Shi. The professionals at Gene Lucius are highly enthusiastic. They provide customers with good and premium looking clothes. They have a team of highly experienced professional that provides the best product and believes in customer satisfaction. They focus on every detail, from the time of order to deliver it on the doorsteps of the customer. It is because of this strictness; they are gaining popularity among people. The content of the website is regularly edited and updated by experts of Gene Lucius. The main goal of Gene Lucius is to provide the best possible tips and products to consumers through their in-depth understanding and experience about the market.

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