Genco Peptides Accepts Bitcoin Currency As Mt.Gox Controversy Begins To Settle

Bitcoin saw its future in doubt after the largest trading platform for the currency closed, losing approximately $367 million, but businesses like Genco Peptides still back the currency.

Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that has excited a great many people, as it is a form of currency anchored to no nation state, and claims to self-regulate. Recent controversies have seen major setbacks for the currencies, but businesses nonetheless continue to open up their doors to accept the currency. The Bitcoin Foundation condemned recent receipt-fraud style scams, and Genco Peptides is the latest business to throw its hat in the ring, accepting the currency and sending a strong message that business supports what many consider to be the future of money.

The company will allow individuals to buy peptides with bitcoin, as they can USD or credit cards. The move was prompted by the growing momentum behind the currency and the increased early adoption of the currency by people on the technological forefront, including research scientists who make up their customer base. This is a clear example of market driven change, but Genco Peptides wanted to be a pioneer in their market.

For many of its users, Bitcoin is more than a currency or a convenience; it is a culture and even an ideology. Those who invest in it are far more likely to buy from and stay loyal to those places that supported the currency in its early days, making the Bitcoin gambit one that could pay dividends in the long term for Genco Peptides.

A spokesperson for Genco Peptides explained, “We sell peptides, amino acid chains that are responsible for a great many varied effects in both human conditioning and research. Everything from Melanotan which stimulates the production of melatonin and tans the body to Triptorelin, a decapeptide used to treat cancer and relieve pain from surgery. We sell our products exclusively to research scientists, and Bitcoin allows us to tap into a passionate market that has already contacted us with expressions of demand. We believe that these early controversies in Bitcoin’s formative history will not prevent it from becoming a major player in the world market of the future.”

About Genco Peptides:
Genco Research LLC is an American-based company that offers high purity, research-quality American-made peptides conveniently via their Web site at very competitive prices. Their products are made using American researchers under the best laboratory conditions. Products include Fragment 176-191, Melanotan II and IGF-1 LR3.

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