Genco Peptide Launches Instant Coupon For Black Friday and Thanksgiving Sale

Genco Peptide are offering 25% off all orders over the holiday period for laboratories and researchers to stock up on their valuable range of peptides.

Peptides are simply defined as synthetic compounds that include at least one amino acid. This humble description nevertheless encompasses some of the most important man-made compounds of the last century, and is of particular use to molecular biologists looking for catalysts that create certain effects within living organisms. They have even been used to activate melatonin for tanning, stimulating the secretion of growth hormones and muscle growth. Above all however they are essential to research, and Genco Peptide provides some of the world’s best peptides. They have just launched a Black Friday and Thanksgiving coupon code.

The coupon code is made available after individuals like the company on Facebook, and amounts to 25% off any order, which can help researchers and scientists get savings when they buy peptides from the site. The company can enable people to buy tb-500 , AVCR2B and MGF peptides from among their comprehensive catalog.

Every product is listed with a detailed product description that includes the peptide’s biological effects, the chemical composition as well as the possible applications. The product is represented with high quality imagery and clear pricing. The company sell their products throughout the whole of North America and can ship for next day delivery.

A spokesperson for Genco Peptide explained, “Black Friday is usually reserved for consumer goods and is one of the biggest sale periods in the US. The truth is that scientific research is always underfunded and there is always pressure to get the best out of the budget- our Black Friday and Thanksgiving sale has been inaugurated to allow peptide users to get more for less, and ensure that anyone who might be tempted to ship poor quality peptides from overseas to save money now have no need to do so. The coupon is available right now and for a limited time only.”

About Genco Research LLC:
Genco Research LLC is an American-based company that offers high purity, research-quality American-made peptides conveniently via their web site at very competitive prices. Our products are made in America under the best laboratory conditions. At Genco Research LLC, all peptides are sold as a lyophilized powder in safe, sterile vials. They ship only to U.S. and Canadian addresses.

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