Gemtoria New Zealand Secures Rare and Precious Gems

Gemtoria has launched a new blog documenting the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to personally purchase the best wholesale gemstones direct from the source.

Gemtoria provides New Zealand with some of the most stunning and exotic precious stones in the world, and they do it in a unique way. Unlike other wholesale jewellers, they personally travel to the places these gems are discovered, refined and cut - places like Thailand, Myanmar, Africa and more - to deal directly with the producers. This is adventurous and sometimes dangerous work, and the company is now sharing these exciting stories on their new blog.

The business understands that conflict diamonds and other precious gems have tarnished the reputation of the industry. The provenance of jewels is now as important to consumers, and therefore manufacturers, as the quality of the finished product. As a result, Gemtoria is going above and beyond to make personal connections with those discovering, polishing and finishing the stones to ensure they are ethical as well as affordable.

The new blog features anecdotes from the company’s buyers about their travels. The series has started with a post about Bangkok, which features stunning photography of the journey alongside information on the travels and travails of the buyers. The articles also include details of the stones sourced and their stories, to whet the appetites of buyers looking for extraordinary gemstones for their jewellery.

A spokesperson for Gemtoria explained, “We are proud of the lengths we go to to ensure the best possible products arrive in New Zealand safely and ethically. We have begun to share these stories on our website to help people understand more about this process. We believe these fascinating stories offer a real insight into the many difficulties faced by gemstone producers, and how we go above and beyond to give them a fair price, cut out middle men, and keep the costs down for our customers. We hope this inspires more businesses to source their gemstones from us in the future.”

About Gemtoria: Gemtoria is a specialist wholesale gem dealer, going further than any other to secure the best gems in the world for customers from New Zealand. Their website features full and comprehensive listings in an easy to navigate catalogue, which provides full details, clear pricing, and easy and secure payment options.

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