Gemstone Universe Introduces Vedic Gem Reports For Online Patrons

Patrons can order either a brief 2-page report or a longer, more comprehensive one based on their individual needs, reports

Gemstone Universe, the world’s largest retail store for planetary gemstones and a highly-visited online gemstone destination, has introduced their Vedic Gem Reports for their online patrons. These gem reports are unique to the individual and will provide them with specific gem recommendations based on the information that they provide to Gemstone Universe’s certified Astro Gemologists. Those who would like to get one of these Vedic gem reports should visit the Gemstone Universe website at

Raghav Hawa, a representative of Gemstone Universe, stated “There are many software programs on the market today that claim to provide people with gemstone recommendations. However, these programs use pre-calculated formulas that are not unique to the individual. This is why the astrology gemstone reports offered by Gemstone Universe are superior. We collect a lot of data from the patron in order to address unique problems caused by complex placement of planets, aspects, and conjunctions. Not only do our Vedic gem reports give better results, they can also help to protect a patron from any negative results they may experience as a result of wearing the wrong gems.”

Patrons who wish to purchase a Vedic gem report can simply log on to After the report is added their online cart, each patron will need to fill in specific information about themselves, such as their name, gender, and the date, place, and time of their birth. They will also need to specify their goals and objectives for wearing the gems, give details about any challenges they are facing, and specify any notable health conditions. The reports are available in two formats, including a brief 2-page report and a 16-20 page comprehensive report. While the brief report will not give a detailed explanation, both offer an overall assessment of strength and weakness in the birth chart and a selection of the most relevant gemstone according to the patron’s objectives, current planetary periods, and immediate future.

As Hawa goes on to say, “As a favorite destination to buy gemstones online, we offer each patron a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. They can put their trust in our seasoned and qualified Planetary Gemologists knowing that they will be getting accurate reports that reflect their needs and will be relevant to them for a lifetime.”

Visit to contact Gemstone Universe with questions about their Vedic gem reports.

About Gemstone Universe:

Gemstone Universe offers the benefits of world-class recommendations by top Astrologers and seasoned, qualified Planetary Gemologists. Their website has natural gemstones from top-choice mines all over the world offered to patrons at up to 1/4th of the price of other retailers. The company provides gemstones sorted and selected by Gem Professionals with a special focus on colour and clarity, top-notch certification and appraisal that ensures that all gemstones have value throughout a lifetime, and unmatched prices due to their negotiation skills and experience in the Gem Trade. Patrons can look forward to a remedial measure that gives them tangible and quantifiable gains.

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