GED Easy and Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF)

Supports Teen Moms With Continuing Their Education

Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF) has teamed up with GED Easy to provide full educational help for teen moms living in the PA area. Together they offer free online GED preparation, educational support, and the cost for the GED exam ($120) will also be provided.

Young mothers, especially young teen mothers, are often faced with huge challenges; one of them being education. There are many young teenage moms who, as soon as their baby is born, quit their high school education to focus on raising their child.

Most girls who expect a baby are not anticipating dropping out of high school, but when they have their baby, all too often that will change and they will forget about their high school education for a while, to never return to school at all. They forget about their high school education “temporarily” -- never to return to school at all. This is very unfortunate.

“We are extremely anxious to support young moms in their efforts to attain educational success, says Eileen Bailey, founder, and president of Shalom Bayit Foundation.

Obtaining educational success frequently results in a domino-effect and helps young teenage mothers regain control of their lives.”

The online GED programs offered by GED Easy helps parenting teen moms earn their GED diploma. This unique program features short video lessons and GED practice tests and teaches a productivity method versus the traditional classroom model.

This free video program allows teen moms to study at their own pace, and this is essential because they all have different educational backgrounds. During the entire program, participants can benefit from career assessment, and this really stimulates their motivation.

The Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF) will pay the GED testing cost, GED Easy provides video instruction at no charge, and participating teen moms can earn their GED diplomas in 15 weeks on average.

Across America, there are more than 35 million adults who did not finish their high school education, and one in five adults with a high school diploma possess only very limited literacy skills. Each year, more than three million youth quit high school prematurely to join the group of almost 7 million young adults in the age group 16 - 24 who are not signed up for any school program and also don’t have any sort of job.

People who don’t have a high school diploma or GED are more likely (estimates are double) to live a life in poverty than those who hold a secondary education degree, and they are more than three times as likely to be unemployed as those who hold a college degree.

By 2018, 63% of all US jobs will require some post-secondary education so you need your high school or GED diploma.

About Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF)
Shalom Bayit Foundation (SBF) offers free homes for 14 through 20 year old pregnant teen mothers. It’s a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; the first of, soon to be, many locations is in Kunkletown, PA area.

Founder & President: D. Eileen Bailey
Phone: 610.681.7024

About GED Easy
Since 2014, GED Easy offered members-only online classes. In December 2015, GED Easy acquired the Best GED Classes website, a leader in free online GED preparation and from now on they offer the modern, online GED prep free of charge

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