Gecko Pest Control: Don’t Let Winter Pests Ruin The Holiday Spirit

Gecko Pest Control helps families feel more confident about inviting guests into their home this holiday season.

Chico, California – November 22, 2015 – The holiday season between November and December are filled with joy, laughter, and family-togetherness throughout the Chico, California area – unless pest problems are a concern. Many property renters and homeowners feel embarrassed to invite their family and loved ones into their home for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. For over 20 years, one local company – Gecko Pest Control – has helped hundreds of residential and commercial property owners in Chico and surrounding areas eliminate their pest problem.

While a large number of pest problems, such as ants, bees, and crickets, may occur during the warmer Spring and Summer months, many property owners and commercial businesses request the help of a professional pest exterminator during the winter months. Often, it is during the cooler seasons when other pests, such as roaches, mice, rats, and earwigs are noticed inside the home or office. If these pests are not eliminated, spotting one or two can quickly develop into an infestation.

Often, homeowners purchase pest control products to try to eliminate their pest problem on their own, but many of the products sold in stores do not eliminate the pest problem at the source – the nest. Gecko Pest Control has developed an eight point proven system designed to locate the nest of each type of pest, eliminating them at the source, as well as protecting the home or office from future pest problems.

“We contacted Rich with Gecko Pest Control and have never been happier. Their service is professional, reliable, and friendly. Worth every penny.”

Gecko Pest Control only uses the safest pesticides available. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pesticides are generally classified into three categories: Dangerous, Warning, and Caution. Pesticides in the “Caution” category are considered the safest to use. Gecko Pest Control uses only the safest, most effective pesticide products available. In addition to using chemical-based pesticides, the company also offers natural, organic extermination methods.

“They went above and beyond […] to educate me on the type of treatment used in the house to ease my mind about having an infant that crawls around where they treated.”

Additionally, the company realizes that, in cases of extreme infestation problems, multiple treatments may be necessary. As part of the company’s eight-point process, Gecko Pest Control offers a “Free Return Visits” policy to its customers. This policy helps to ensure the customer is, not only satisfied with the immediate results, but also the long-lasting effects.

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Founded in __, Gecko Pest Control has provided safe, quality pest control solutions to the Chico, California and surrounding areas. They have developed a unique eight-point system for exterminating pest problems in the homes, offices, warehouses, and restaurant settings, which every technician on the team strictly follows.

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