Gavriluta Matei Launches Service Helping Businesses To Get Featured On CNN, Forbes and More

Gavriluta Matei has posted a unique offer on Black Hat World, offering powerful journalistic services that help businesses get their stories shared by CNN, Forbes and other titans of the press.

SEO is a boom industry, and it has many facets. One of the biggest factors in determining SEO success is authority, and this is gauged according to what the search engines consider an authority website. Accordingly, titans like CNN and Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huff convey more authority to a website when they feature it in their news than almost any other site. Gavriluta Matei helps people gain massive press exposure from these giants, and is offering the opportunity to all businesses.

In the new offering on Black Hat World, Matei Gavriluta describes the way in which these processes work from the inside, together with a comprehensive list of prices and areas of exposure. He is a specialist at getting blood in the water and attracting the sharks, helping people grab the attention of major journalists with their headlines and product releases by linking them with current affairs.

To celebrate the launch of the service, Gavriluta is offering 10-30% discounts on single and bulk orders, helping people reach out to the premier services for less. Premium members can even look forward to a limited edition buy one, get one free offer.

Gavriluta Matei explained, “My team of journalists and entrepreneurs bring more than just their skills to the table. It’s the vision and devotion that separates us from the rest. The idea is not just to emerge as a global PR agency, but transform social life and make a genuinely positive impact on the world. Devotion; not just to our clients, but to the world at large and every community within, to influence positive changes collectively, in a variety of areas. We have a mission that is greater than ourselves, and for that, we need the biggest platforms available to shout about it. Getting featured on these huge authority sites gives people huge exposure and massive link juice, we have seen it transform businesses.”

About Gavriluta Matei: Gavriluta Matei and his team are specialists at ensuring no stone is unturned and no avenue is unexploited, offering high quality, high exposure press releases and online content guaranteed to be approved by CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huff and more. As such, they ensure the best results of any content SEO firm in the world, and use this power to effect positive change for the internet.

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