Gauss Gang Announces Spectacular Crowdsale Launch

Gauss Gang is a crypto ecosystem that is fully committed to developing actionable and engaging solutions for its partners, offering unique token designs through collaborative endeavors to its clients.

Many firms and businesses are still reluctant to embrace the benefits of digital transformation, clinging to traditional marketing strategies, mainly due to budget restrictions and the fact that crypto waters are still largely uncharted.

Crypto Tokens have changed the rulebook of digital business conduction, allowing both fresh and mature firms to connect to their customers on a deeper level by presenting tangible, engaging solutions.

Gauss Gang, an American-based crypto ecosystem was founded to empower businesses by helping brands that do not possess the technologies or means to create token designs and collaboratively market them.

“We’re creating a unified experience for users to engage with brands, and for brands to engage with their audience. The core Gauss Gang service is token design for brands of a variety of sizes as these brands don’t have the in-house expertise or processes to be able to efficiently and effectively develop tokens. Gauss Gang enables brands to create tokens by collaborating with their team, then we’ll launch them into a powerful ecosystem complete with broad and deep functionality.”

Gauss Gang’s proprietary GANG token will initially start on the Binance Smart Chain. The brand wanted to skyrocket its user base around the time of the initial offering phase.

Gauss Gang has announced that the Crowdsale Launch event began on November 1st and will be open for six weeks. The total supply of GANG tokens is 250,000,000, 45% of which belongs to Community Supply, 31% of which belong to Company Supply, and 24% of which belong to Team Supply wallets.

Fifteen million GANG tokens are to be sold on the Crowdsale Launch event while 6,872 BNB are to be raised. Participants will be able to purchase 100 BNB per person while no minimum purchase amount is prescribed.

Gauss Gang plans to build its blockchain and the necessary supporting tools in the foreseeable future, stepping away from Binance Smart Chain and launching tokens for its first partners. As the brand proclaims, its clients will have the opportunity to use their branded tokens for contests, reward programs, eCommerce, fundraising, and other use cases.

Gauss Gang is focused on long-term collaboration and client empowerment rather than providing a one-off solution to a singular, concrete obstacle. As the brand states, “Gauss will be run with a dedication to building strong, lasting relationships with our partners.”

The brand adds that Gauss intends to research, refine, and polish the versatility of Gauss solutions, keeping ahead of the curve instead of simply following the current trends. “We will regularly improve the use cases of new and existing tokens both in terms of compatibility and general acceptance by global consumers and also for specifically-researched audiences.”

More information about Gauss Gang can be found on the brand’s official website.

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