Gateway Express Talks About The Methods Of Sending Goods From Vietnam To The US

Gateway Express shares information regarding the methods of sending goods from Vietnam to the US.

Gateway Express, a Vietnam based company that is a recognizable provider of international express delivery solutions in Vietnam. They do shipping to the US, Singapore, Australia from Vietnam. An employee from this company shares information regarding the methods of shipping goods from Vietnam to the US.

The company representative first states that the time taken to deliver the shipments depends on the weight. It takes 2 – 3 days for a lightweight delivery to reach the US from Vietnam. However, for bulky goods, it might take longer. Weather is another reason due to which the shipping time will be longer than expected. The company further shares information on the methods of sending goods. The first method of shipping goods to the US is by sea. It is advisable to send goods to the US by sea if the total weight of goods weighs more than 251kg or a volume higher than 1.5CBM. This way of sending goods is advisable if the customer is shipping frozen containers, agricultural products, food to the United States.

Another way of sending goods to the US is via air. Sending goods to the US by air is a fast delivery service that many people love because fast service comes with many attractive utilities. If customers use this service at Gateway Express, they will most likely be served, consulted by all procedures, and will support the declaration of customs procedures. Shipping to the US by plane is best suited for transporting documents, goods that are lightweight, medium, and a little heavy. But for the goods of large weight, or oversized, it is best to use the US shipping service.

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Gateway Express in Vietnam based company that is sitting on top of the table when it comes to provider of international express delivery solutions in Vietnam. They have many years of experience in the global shipping industry through professional services of the world's leading suppliers such as DHL Vietnam, FedEx, UPS, TNT. They have a team of experienced professionals in the field of courier and services, which are dedicated to the job. They always want to provide the best service to their customers. Gateway Express makes international delivery easier. The core value of their company is Accuracy - Fast - Saving that brings satisfaction to customers. They are continually striving to improve the quality of their services to provide the best and fastest courier solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers, from individuals to businesses. They have an enthusiastic, thoughtful, dedicated customer service team whose main aim is to deliver goods and gifts from Vietnam to other parts of the world with safety and at a reasonable price.

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