Gary Renard Releases Pursah's Gospel of Thomas

Just Ahead of his New York Workshops, best selling author Gary Renard releases the text of Pursah's Gospel of Thomas, as it appeared in Your Immortal Reality, under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Gary Renard, the best selling author of the Disappearance of the Universe trilogy, has released the complete text of Pursah's Gospel of Thomas, under a Creative Commons Attribution license. The text is available in PDF form, and fits on a single letter size sheet of paper, if it is printed dual sided. It was prepared by the organizers of Gary's upcoming workshops in New York City, which will be held in Manhattan on November 23rd, and in the Bronx on November 24th.

The importance of Pursah's text of the Thomas Gospel rests on the fact that it is a version of the kernel of the Thomas sayings of Jesus that leaves out some contradictory and dubious material, and forms a very coherent and consistent whole. The sayings collection we know from the find at Nag Hammadi in 1946 was always thought to be an expanded, and possibly corrupted version of the original material which was written down shortly after Jesus' death. The Pursah version of the text consists of 70 sayings, corresponding to 71 sayings in the Nag Hammadi version (with a contraction of sayings 6&14). It was first published by Gary Renard in his second book, "Your Immortal Reality," and for the sake of wider availability it is now being released in its current form, making wide distribution possible.

Conceptually, the Thomas Gospel, as the oldest written collection of sayings of Jesus, reflects the closest thing we have to how Jesus sounded in his time, without the veneer of Christian theology that is evident in the New Testament. The Thomas Gospel dates from ca. 50 AD, whereas the New Testament Gospels date from 65 AD and later, and in any case reflect the theology of St. Paul, whose letters are dated from as early as ca 51 to 58 AD. Clearly, at the time of the Thomas Gospel, none of the theological concepts which were to make Christianity what it would become are present. The sayings of the Thomas Gospel are just raw, without any editorializing or theologizing, or even any extensive story material to dress them up.

Gary Renard recently completed the Disappearance of the Universe trilogy with the publication of the third book, "Love Has Forgotten No One," which saw the light on October 8th, 2013 in several languages simultaneously. His books have been translated in over twenty languages. Gary is currently on a world wide speaking tour about the new book, details of his appearances can be found on his website under "appearances."

Details of the Workshops can be found directly here:
Love Has Forgotten No One in Manhattan on 11/23/13"
Love Has Forgotten No One in the Bronx on 11/24/13"

With these three books and a TV show in preparation, Gary is continuing in his role as the most popularly accessible teacher of A Course in Miracles, who brings the material in every day language, in a completely down to earth way, based on his own trials and challenges learning the material with the guidance of his teachers Arten, and Pursah, who are the reincarnations of the apostles Thaddeus and Thomas respectively. Remarkably Gary makes the teachings of A Course in Miracles popularly accessible, based on his own experiences, without any compromise to its sophisticated thought system.

The New York City workshops are organized by Rogier F. van Vlissingen, who also translates Gary’s books into Dutch, and who has written a book on this material, “Closing the Circle: Pursah’s Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles,” which appeared in 2008.

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