Launches New Product to Make Peeling Garlic Easier and Faster Than Ever Before

Garlic Shaker has created a new product that will revolutionize the way people peel garlic, using simple physics to strip the skin in seconds without the need for fiddly blade work.

Garlic is a delicious addition to almost any meal, and it has been the base for many flavors throughout the different culinary traditions of the world, from Chinese and Indian to Italian and even South American. The only problem with garlic is its fine skin, which takes a committed effort with a sharp object to try and peel, morsel by morsel, away from the garlic beneath. Garlic Shaker is a new product that aims to change the way people peel garlic, and will be launched for sale via the Garlic Shaker online store, and Kickstarter starting Tuesday August 4th at 8am.

The new product is made of high quality materials and has a sleek, ergonomic design to make it as easy as possible to hold. Garlic cloves can be separated then added to the device with ease through a wide opening which is then sealed, and the garlic is shaken to massage off the skin through simple friction.

The device takes seconds to use, and creates a more precise and complete effect than trying to peel with a knife, while saving more of the garlic clove beneath thanks to how it works. The website for the product also comes with a huge range of ideas for recipes, preparation and storage of garlic, as well as information on its nutritional and health benefits.

A spokesperson for Garlic Shaker explained, “The product has been designed to provide a novel solution to an age old problem, and has undergone a long and precise research and development phase to maximize the impact points and exact functioning of the device, optimizing the garlic peeling action. We have created a product that is beautifully designed, eminently affordable, and will save garlic lovers hours of irritating peeling by providing an elegant solution. The product is now on pre-sale both to individual purchasers and to stores around the world to stock at wholesale prices, people can find out more about our story on the website.”

About Garlic Shaker: Garlic Shaker is passionate about providing people with the easiest way to peel garlic cloves. They have created the highest quality product designed to offer people the best possible way to quickly peel garlic using simple physics to massage away the skin using its ergonomic design.

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