Garage Automatics Issues New Recommendation for Best Overall Opener

Site's reviewers were unanimously impressed by the Chamberlain WD1000WF's quality, performance, and feature set, Garage Automatics reports

Garage Automatics, the Internet's leading authority on automatic garage door openers, crowned a new king. Living up to and exceeding the impressive standards already set by one of the top brands online, Chamberlain's WD1000WF impressed Garage Automatics reviewers across the board. With an affordable price tag that represents unbeatable value given the almost flaw-free feature list of the unit, the WD1000WF earns the site's coveted "Best Opener Overall" recommendation.

"With so many great garage door openers on the market today, buyers have never had it better," Garage Automatics representative Paul Ferdinand said, "As we sort through the many worthwhile products that are now available, we find ourselves almost continually raising our standards. Even with our expectations already so high, though, the Chamberlain WD1000WF really impressed us. With only the smallest of weak points and an overall level of quality that really stands out, the WD1000WF has truly earned our highest recommendation."

As with many other quality of life investments, Americans tend to cut back spending on their homes' garage doors and openers when times get tough but return eagerly as conditions improve. That enduring phenomenon has seen the industry booming in recent years, with average annual growth of several percent prevailing, according to research firm IBISWorld, and seeming set to continue for the foreseeable future.

As they work through the process of buying a new garage door opener, though, many find themselves confronted with unfamiliar terms, features, and choices. With dozens of apparently competitive models on the market, sorting through that wealth of options can be more challenging than might reasonably be hoped.

Garage Automatics was founded to create a focused, authoritative online destination that buyers could turn to for reliable advice. Surveying and analyzing virtually all of the openers on the market and keeping up with all of the latest developments in the industry, the site's editors and reviewers answer the most common questions and many more.

The Garage Automatics buyer's guide available at for example, is the single most comprehensive and useful resource for those new to garage door openers. It guides readers to an understanding of all of the important issues, helping them understand how to weigh considerations like sound level, ease of do-it-yourself installation, and high-tech "smart" features as they home in on the opener perfect for them. For visitors who are already comfortable with the field, Garage Automatics provides a wealth of advanced resources, including articles covering home automation, opener troubleshooting, and practical "hacks" that can make the experience of ownership more rewarding.

Given the status and popularity of the site, the awarding of Garage Automatics' "Best Overall" rating to the Chamberlain WD1000WF will therefore be of interest to many. The full write-up on the WD1000WF, details about other recommended openers, and many more helpful resources can be found at the Garage Automatics website.

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